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Youtube red apk download latest version

August 27, 2022
Edward Tashihira Edward Tashihira
youtube red apk


Understanding what is limited in regular YouTube applications, at the end of 2017, Google announced to test the new version of Youtube called Youtube red with 2 advantages that there is no advertising and can run in the background, it means you can play audio from video even when locking the phone screen.

But to enjoy these great things, you have to pay the price of 10 USD per month for YouTube Red. How to use YouTube Red for free? How to install youtube red apk download. This article will guide you, but we recommend that you consider carefully before doing so as this may (or does not) affect device security.

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How to reach the youtube red apk download has no ads

youtube red apk download
Youtube Red’s benefits

If you used to watch videos on YouTube using regular apps or on the web, you will see many types of ads that are inserted in many different positions: search results, video information even while watching with short videos that can be ignored … but they are too many, causing a feeling of inhibition when you are watching. However, for youtube red apk download, it is completely different, it can be seen from the beginning that this new version is absolutely not advertising at all.

Besides, with the elimination of the ads included in youtube red apk download – the weak devices can also easily enjoying the videos better than before, so it was not necessary to constantly download the types of ads, contributing to reducing lag condition.

Youtube RED is enough

In fact, Youtube red apk download has a mode for playing videos in the background. A special feature that the previous version of YouTube did not have, many people have to use the third software to support this feature is to run the background video. This time, we do not need too much software to support when watching videos on Youtube, only Youtube RED is enough. It will help those who need to listen to music, enjoy the video without images – just by sound when you press the HOME button to exit the main screen or even screen lock does not interrupt the audio from video.

Accordingly, by Youtube red apk download, while watching, you can click completely out of the main screen or freely use the phone to open other applications to listen to music, the sound emitted from YouTube videos is very easy. A toolbar will appear on the notification center including features to back, pause/play, forward for your convenience when controlling.

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Instructions for installing youtube red apk download for phones

youtube red apk
Youtube Red apk download is totally free.

Currently, youtube red apk download has not been provided by Google so it is not available on CH Play or other app stores. To use it, there is the only way is to install the file as .apk.

Step 1: Please download via the link below and install like any other normal application.

Step 2: Fix the account login error on YouTube Red application:

We got acquainted with YouTube Red version that has the function of running in the background and without ads when users are watching. However, recently we received a response from many people saying that Youtube Red is currently unable to log in to use features such as commenting, uploading, offline storage … causing many obstacles when using use. Most of you report bugs using your Android phone and not yet ROOT, so in today’s article, we will help you fix this problem.

Specifically, the error is described as follows: When clicking on the user icon to log in to your account, your Youtube RED will display a table asking for more accounts but it will not work when selected. The reason is that YouTube Red version is currently being tested so this feature is missing, so we need to manually add the account login function. To do this, you only need to download the software below to your computer:

MicroG For YouTube is a plugin that supports account login, it merely helps the application to link to the account login function, so it does not affect any security mechanism at all. This plugin was introduced in the article to Support watching videos when turning off the Android screen – the reason is called the plugin because when installing it will be hidden inside the machine to support but not show application.

Step 3: For setting Black theme or Dark theme, you need to click on the Account symbol on the top right of this application (beside the Search symbol), then press Settings> Vance Settings> Layout Settings> Activate Black watch and Black theme. 

From now on, you can watch YouTube videos without any ads.

youtube red apk


Currently, youtube red apk download can be downloaded and used well via the file format apk includes 02 types of black background, dark background, 4 versions for 2 types of Android devices has not been ROOTed and has been ROOTed with different installation methods.

YouTube Red is a great service, which can be used with Google Play Music. When using this service you don’t need to worry about seeing ads on any video. You can also play back the video after exiting the YouTube application, downloading videos to run in the background or being granted access to YouTube Music.

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