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How To Install An Xbox Emulator For Android

April 22, 2022
Edward Tashihira Edward Tashihira
xbox emulator for android


Following up on my other articles on PS2 and PS3 emulators on Android, of course, there would be a group of readers on the other side of the spectrum, the Xbox fan base.

xbox emulator for android

Hence, for my Xbox die-hard fans out there, this article is dedicated to you and the sake of your childhood memory too.

Instruction On The Installation Of Xbox Emulator

Things you should know 

Before we begin the article, I think it is best to let you know first. Installation of an Xbox emulator for Android will not be as simple as the installation of PS2 or PS3 emulator.

If a question mark just popped up on your head now, Xbox is owned by Microsoft, and Microsoft manufacture and sell Windows phones on a massive scale now, so there is that.

Naturally, competitors wouldn’t let each other’s products be displayed in each other’s direct platform now, would they?

So, please do so at your own risk, although I have not encountered or even heard about anyone having serious issues.

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Necessary application

The program that you need is an APK file called The Original Xbox Emulator. Depending on where you are living now, you might need to download a VPN application on your device to download the APK file from most websites.

Lucky for you though, Google Store does have applications for VPN so no need to repeat the whole endless cycle of download-this-for-that.

Security setting of your smartphone

For readers who are familiar with Android phones, you already know about checking unknown sources in the phone setting. Though, if you are not, please read this part.

If the operating system of your Android phone is 4.0 or above, you need to head to the Security tab within the Setting and have the Unknown Sources option checked.

Beware of malware

Anything you download off the internet is dangerous without a firewall, including the APK file of the Xbox emulator.

You are mostly safe due to sandbox mechanism of the Android phones, but I just need to make sure you know that you are mostly but not entirely safe.

To further clarify the safety issue above, the possibility of a virus beating the containment mechanism of an Android phone, on top of that is hidden within the very software you just happen to look for, is as high as your chances of winning a lottery.

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Controllers issue 

The original Xbox was made in a different era when smartphones did not exist. That is why you might find the Xbox controllers of the Emulator a bit funny.

I found that any Bluetooth controller for Android phones could solve this issue easily, but if you are only aiming to go down the memory lane, then there is no need to spend your cash on it. However, if you do not mind that, then be my guest.

How to use 

The emulator is very intuitive but here is a quick guide regardless.

Look up any site where they provide Xbox ROMs for Android and download the game you would like to play. Remember the ROM you are downloading has to be for Android OS though. Otherwise, you would not see in the directory of the Emulator.

Then select the game you would like play to follow whatever the popped message say (if any) and do whatever it asks (if any).

Personal recommendation 

If you do not have a single shred of idea where to get a reliable emulator without risk of malware, I would recommend Gloud Games.

The interface is smooth, there are more than 200 games, and the multiplayer option is available. Thus far, there has not been a single complaint of malware or viruses from this application to my knowledge.

Why did I not recommend this app right at the beginning, you say? Well, It is not free, that’s why. As I mentioned right at the very beginning, this article is dedicated to readers who are looking to quench their nostalgia.

So my logic was, If you are rich and feeling nostalgic, you wouldn’t mind buying an actual Xbox for sure. If you are not financially wealthy, then I am sure you the option of the rich mentioned above is, without a doubt, out of the equation.

Therefore, apart from being pay to play, there are also several cons you should be aware of before making the purchase.

High profile games are not playable due to various reasons, and you also need stable and decent internet speed. Not only that, due to limited servers available, you might not get to play even if you pay.

Lastly, you need a smartphone, preferably with a screen as big as a TV to play. Ok sorry, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but using the application on a small screened smartphone would cause an impulse to throw your phone at the wall due to severe frustration.

Now you know why I decided to put it at the bottom of the article as a backup plan.

Download Xbox emulator apk


The path we traverse down the memory lane is full of virus my friend. This is a no-brainer thing, but I still have to make sure that you know.

Any free things you get are prone to the risk of virus, including Emulators. So do be careful with the site you are downloading stuff. So look around the internet a little bit before going for download if you are feeling a bit anxious.

That’s about it for my article folk, that should be enough information on Xbox emulator for Android, any longer and you might get sick and tired of reading heh?

Have fun and play to your heart’s content.

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