Toca Life: Neighborhood apk for Android & iOS – Create a crowded neighborhood – connecting all Toca Life games

oca Life: Neighborhood apk for Android & iOS

Toca Life: Neighborhood apk for Android & iOS is the latest simulation game of Toca Boca. This game is very suitable for young children and you can download it right away to play, no need to think anything more. In Toca Life: Neighborhood apk for Android & iOS you recently moved into, you can explore apartments, visit coffee shops, shops and meet new characters.

Toca Life: Neighborhood apk for Android & iOS are published by Toca Boca. This is a famous game publisher, known for its extremely specialized launches for bold and simple entertainment entertainment.Toca Life: Neighborhood apk for Android & iOS have Chibi style, light, simple entertainment. There are player easily to enter in this game. The next product in this Toca Life series and positive feedback received, promises a new success for Toca Boca.

Toca Boca – Overview, all products appear from the beginning, you will be amazed at the impressive appeal of the products Toca Boca Nott. With a large amount of interaction and a huge number of players, it’s not too late to get the Toca Cool status as it is now. Recently, the company made a new move for its strategy by launching Toca Life: Neighborhood apk for Android & iOS.

If you simply want to enjoy life in the game is no different from real life, then you choose right here. In Toca Life: Neighborhood apk for Android & iOS, your task is to do things like everyday life but have interaction with your neighbors. At the start of the game, you will be given a choice any of style, style of design that you like.

Toca Life: Neighborhood apk
This game is the next product in the Toca Life series and positive feedback, promising a new success for Toca Boca.

Welcome to your new neighborhood – Toca Life: Neighborhood apk for Android & iOS!

Today is a beautiful day. It would be great to walk around and enjoy the warm air. So what are you hesitating for but don’t start playing the game right away?

First, download the Toca Life: Neighborhood apk for Android & iOS.

Start your adventure around the city block, explore cafes, shops and meet friendly characters in the game. And you know what? Toca Life: Neighborhood apk for Android & iOS are the first games to have so many homes in the Toca Life series.

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Move to a new apartment

Which style of furniture do you like? Minimalist, cute, bohemian or industrial? Think about the style of furniture you like best then you can choose 1 of 4 apartments or all. After that, you move to this new apartment and settle down. And the most exciting and desirable screen is the game itself. You visit your neighbors and ask them to help decorate your new home.

Toca Life: Neighborhood apk
There are four apartment that you can choose as you love

Decorate your new house

You can fulfill your desire to decorate a future home. Please show off your aesthetic and heavy-duty talents as beautiful as possible.

The first thing in the process of decorating the house is that you have to go to the furniture store, where you can find a wealth of things to decorate your new home such as bonsai, clock, pillow and mailbox, paint colors, stools and many other utensils.

You can choose according to your liking, but make them color and match. Before leaving, take some time to take some photos as a souvenir in the photo booth at the store selling decorations. You choose filters and poses. And then you will have a beautiful photo.

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Meet friends at the coffee shop

This part will have you experience like going to a real cafe in real life.

You spend some time with friends in the cool Rob-o cafe. This cafe is designed in buffet style, n serve itself. Get food from the carousel or order a smoothie from the giant robot. After that, choose the flavor that you love the most and enjoy.

Toca Life: Neighborhood apk
Enjoying coffee or smoothies in the Robo-o Cafe with your friend

Create a crowded neighborhood – connecting all Toca Life games

Next, Toca Boca will release Toca Life: World in the near future, allowing you to connect all Toca Life series together. Toca Life: World will be the place to gather all topics and updates, even surprising gifts. If you’ve downloaded Toca Life: Neighborhood for iOS and Android today, you’ll soon be able to connect it to any other Toca Life game.

Toca Life: Neighborhood apk
You can selfie with your family and friend in photo booth

Features of Toca Life: neighboring apk for Android and iOS

  • There will be 23 new characters and you will meet them.
  • There are 4 new apartments with different themes and styles to live and hang out!
  • Shop at the decor store to get new and beautiful furniture and decorations for your home – turn it into your style!
  • Take your best friends to Rob-o Café and choose food from the carousel or drink a glass of juice.
  • Get a smoothie from the giant smoothie robot. You can choose between four delicious flavors of your choice!
  • You can bring family and friends to take photos in the photo booth while shopping for decorations! Which filter will you use and pose
  • Besides, you can get a Sloth toy in Slothtato toy!
  • Then find the secret Rob-o disco club to increase judgment!
  • Visit the tiny creatures that have a hidden refuge in the elevator that you never expected!

At Toca Boca, The power of the game will help to stimulate children’s imagination and help them learn about the world, helping children grow. Toca Boca designs products from the point of view of children that are empowered for playful, creative and become the people they want to be. Toca Life: Neighborhood apk for Android & iOS offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca at here.

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