SMS Blast APK 1.45 new version: Free download and Instructions 2023


SMS Blast APK is a convenient application that allows you to send a large number of text messages at the same time using an automated system. If you’re advertising your brand or product, you’ll see SMS Blast as a useful tool to communicate with hundreds or thousands of mobile phone users. Help your business to grow and gain more customers with the help of this broadcasting tool.

Why do you need the SMS Blast APK?

SMS Blast is a fast, cost-saving and effective way to promote your business by reaching out to your customers in real time. Below are some of the reasons why you should install SMS Blast:

Number of cellphone users is growing

Smartphones are being upgraded day by day, making them play a more important role in modern society. People use mobile phones in many of their daily life activities. From setting the alarm to playing games, updating work notifications or even starting a car.

Here are some of the figures that prove the growing importance of mobile phones:

  • 82% of customers refer to their mobile phones to make a purchase decision (Omnicore)
  • 75% of millennials communicate through text messages (CustomerThink)
  • 50% of cellphone users look at their phone right after waking up (Omnicore)

SMS open rates are always high

In 2018, according to HuffingtonPost, 90% of the SMS messages were read only within 3 minutes after being delivered and up to 98% of the messages were opened. This shows that SMS has extremely high open rates, especially when compared with email open rates of only 20 – 30%.

Up to 98% of the SMS messages were opened in 2018, according to HuffingtonPost

Grow your audience quickly and efficiently

SMS Blast APK allows you to reach out to your target market wherever they are. You can communicate with your SMS subscribers or potential clients within a few minutes on a large scale. BrickandMobile’s survey shows that 9/10 people who join SMS loyalty programs feel that they earned true value. Moreover, about 75% of people say that business offers via text SMS are more preferable.

SMS Blast APK latest version free download

You can download SMS Blast on your Android device and enjoy the ultimate convenience that the app brings about. This is SMS Blast 1.45 – the latest version of this application with new and improved features. With this version of SMS Blast, you can send text blasts on social media without hassle. To download SMS Blast 1.45, your device has to run Android 4.0 and above.

Download SMS Blast 1.45 APK for Android

Developers contact:

  • Website :
  • Facebook Page :
  • Twitter: @smsblasts

Notes: SMS Blast is not supported on a few phone devices. The developers of the app are working on resolving this problem in order to guarantee the best experience for the app users.

SMS Blast APK main features

SMS Blast is the new generation of a bulk SMS Android app. It’s simple, effective and perfectly fit for beginners. The latest version of SMS Blast is now released and it’s full of useful features. Here are some of the main features that the developers have integrated in the app:

SMS Blast

Send SMS text blasts from your phone to a large number of phone contacts contemporaneously. The fees for SMS will be subtracted to your main balance or according to the SMS pack that you have registered with your network provider.

Text Blast

With this feature you can repeat text and add emojis in your text. Text Blast gives you the optimal functionality when you need to repeat the content of your text and share it multiple times.

SMS Mine

SMS Mine is a smart feature that allows you to shoot your incoming text messages. All you have to do is establish your message key, message content and shooting time. For example, if people say “Hi” to you via text you can send “Hello” 100+ times automatically.

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SMS Machine

With SMS Machine, you can combine your message template with an Excel sheet that includes the names and contact numbers. This feature is an easy and fast way to send bulk text messages to reach out for a large audience. Your Excel sheet should be presented as below:

| Number | Name |

| 123456 | Name1 |

| 123457 | Name2 |

| 123458 | Name3 |

| 123459 | Name4 |

| 123460 | Name5 |

SMS Blast app’s main features

How to install and use SMS Blast APK

SMS Blast installation

Step 1: Open any web browser on your mobile device. Access SMS Blast APK download page and tap on “Download APK (5.3 MB)” to begin the process of downloading.

Step 2: Navigate to the File Explorer app on your Android phone. Locate and tap on the APK file of SMS Blast > Choose Install.

SMS Blast instructions

Step 1: Open SMS Blast on your phone, then choose one of the available features below:

  • SMS Blast
  • Text Blast
  • SMS Mine
  • SMS Machine
Choose one of the available features on SMS Blast

Step 2: If you opt for SMS Blast, you’ll have to enter the required information for each of these fields: Contact number, Message and Number of SMS.

Put a tick on the square box next to “Delay Between messages” if you want to set a pause break. Then enter the delay time (in seconds) in the field below. Tap “Shoot” to start sending SMS texts.

Enter the required information for each field on SMS Blast and set delay time

Step 3: Integrate an Excel Sheet in the SMS Blast app to avoid entering contact numbers manually. You can also select specific contact numbers you want to send text blasts and tap “Shoot”.

Select specific contact numbers you want to send text blasts

Step 4: Make use of the SMS Mine feature by setting your message key, message content and shooting time then tap “Save”.

Make use of the SMS Mine feature

Above is everything there is to know about SMS Blast APK: from download to installation and instructions. As you explore the key features of the app, you’ll find out that it’s a great tool that helps to save a lot of time and money when promoting your brand.

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