How to Root Android without PC Computer or laptop

How to Root Android without PC Computer or laptop

What is Rooting?

The heart of a smartphone, a tablet or a computer is the Operating System (OS). Android devices are not exceptions as they run on the OS of the same name. Android is a Linux-based OS, but users of this OS can not access several functionalities of the core system like users of its ancestor. The reason is that carriers and hardware manufacturers usually put numerous limitations on the Android OS. Therefore, Android users may not be able to install some specific applications

Rooting is the method to overcome the constraint of mobile vendors. It gives Android users privileged control over the majority of subsystems of the OS kernel. Thus, a rooted device can be fully customized by its users. You can install custom ROMs or applications that require administrative control.

Which Advantages will You Get in Rooting an Android Device?

Rooting is very popular in the Android user base since it offers various advantages

  • You can get the most out your devices since you are the super users or the administrators of them.
  • You can remove the current OS and replace it with a newer version. Some of the mobile manufacturers are very slow on updating the OS of their previous models. For example, HTC users only get Android Jellybean updates several months after the Jellybean came out. When you finish rooting, you can download a new version directly from Google and install on your devices.
  • One of the main reason for rooting is the ability to eliminate compulsory but redundant software that was installed on your devices by the manufacturers. This type of software is used to promote the brand of the producers, but they consume a lot of disk space and Ram even when you never touch them. Rooting is the only way for you to get rid of this problem.
  • Customization of the appearance of the interface is also enabled after the rooting process. You can change the fonts, colors, themes, etc. so that they make your visual taste without any restraints.

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Disadvantages to Consider before Rooting a Device

The advantages of rooting seem very attractive; however, you need to consider some of the potential negative effects. This is unavoidable since you have to intervene the core kernel of the OS. If you don’t have any interests in special applications or customizations of your devices, these points may prevent you from rooting:

  • You are voiding the insurance from the manufacturers. Since you delete all of the original settings from the vendors, their warranty for your devices ts not possible anymore. If your devices get problems during this period, you will have to spend money for repairs
  • Your phones or tablets may stop working. However, this situation is not the results of rooting, but it comes from the mistakes you made. The rooting process is usually complicated; the variety of Android versions also increases the complexity. If you are not sure to take risks, leave your devices as the way you bought them.

Actually, the issue is not that serious. You can always restore the settings of the manufacturers if you carefully prepare back up for each stage.

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Methods to Root Android Devices

Rooting through a PC

This method appeared sooner, so it is popular, especially with technicians. The success rate is also higher since you can rely on your PCs. There are also many different methods for better customization and management. However, you would need a computer and a USB cable to connect your smartphone to your PC. Sometimes, these tools are not available, so we will move to a more convenient way of rooting.

Rooting without a PC

This method comes out later, but it has steadily gained popularity for casual Android users. The task is also much easier than the previous method since you let a rooting app take care of the whole process. You only need to download that app and install it. This is a popular choice for many people; the main difficulty is to choose the best software that can reliably root your devices without comparability issues. Now, I will introduce some of the applications which have the best performance among available ones so that you will know how to root Android without computers safely.

How to Root Android Without a PC

This type of rooting is convenient since the only hardware you need is your Android smartphone or tablet. It is easy to root Android without PCs because this method is not demanding in term of technical skills, given that the rooting process will be done by downloaded software with only a few clicks. One small notice: You should go to the security settings of your phones to enable the installation of software from “Unknown Source” before setting up the apps.

There are many applications on the market. However, I recommend these four from my experience since they are reliable and suitable for people who don’t want to dive deep into the technical stuff:

1. Framaroot:

This is one of the most capable rooting applications for Android smartphones out there. It comes from a company called XDA developer. Its most prominent feature is the compatibility with a very long list of devices coming from different vendors. You can check the list in this pages. The app is also free, so you won’t lose anything trying it.

The first thing you need to do is to download the application and install it on your smartphones, obviously. You can get the link here; you should only get your software from this pages since it is the official pages of the developers. Downloading from other sites can potentially bring you malicious viruses.

After you get the software on your device, following these steps to root:

  • Open the Framaroot apk file
  • Install and run the app.
  • Choose the option for install superuser and ticks the necessary boxes.
  • If the rooting is successfully completed, a pop-up will appear on the screen.
How to Root Android without PC Computer or laptop

2. Kingo Root

Similar to Framaroot, Kingo Root is also free of charge. It is compatible with products from Sony, Samsung, HTC, etc and it can root Android 4.3 or higher versions. It has two versions: one for PC and one under the apk format. Of course, we are only concern about the latter which you can get here. After downloading, choose the apk file and the installation will start.

When the installation is finished and you launch the app, what you should do is:

  • Click on the “One click Root” button
  • Wait for a result to come out
  • If it fails, try a few times with different settings.
  • If you are still not success, you can try other apps or the PC version, which is more capable.
How to Root Android without PC Computer or laptop

3. Z4 Root

Z4 is a great application with a very high successful rate. You will probably not need to check the compatibilities since it supports almost every smartphone models. It is also very simple to use with a simplified interface. Just download the software into your phones through this link. Then, you open the apk file install it. After you complete this step, launch the software. There will be only one “Root” button on the screen. Click it and your device will be ready to use after a few minutes

How to Root Android without PC Computer or laptop
how to root android

4. Universal Androot

This is the final app in my article; I mentioned it finally to highlight its superior performance. It is faster than rooting apps that we have gone through until now. It also has the highest rate of comparability although Framaroot and Z4 Root are also really good in this aspect.

The first task is always the same: you need to get the software from a safe source. You can check this link out. Install the file after you download it.

When you run the software, you will see an interface which is more complex than the other:

Don’t panic. You just need to look closely at the buttons. In the superuser box, you will have many options to choose. You must get the right version of Android you are using. This information can be gotten in the settings of your devices. After this step, you can safely go ahead and push the “Go Root” button. As you can see, there is also an option to restore the previous version of your OS before rooting, so it is really convenient and safe to use this rooting app.

How to Root Android without PC Computer or laptop


I hope my article can help you to enjoy customizing your devices without any troubles. However, I should remind you to be careful in your choice. You should acknowledge that there are some demerits in rooting. However, you don’t have to worry much because rooting an Android device is totally legal and supported by many manufacturers. If you get any problems or bugs during the rooting process, be free to ask us. Thank you very much for reading!

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