Locanto APK 2.5.57 for Android: Free download and updated features

Locanto APK 2.5.57 for Android

Locanto APK is an application that connects buyers and sellers from everywhere in the world. On this app you can easily purchase the things you’re searching for and put up for sale the things you don’t need anymore. There are various categories for you to choose from on Locanto, such as vehicles, real property, pets, personals, houses for sale or for rent… Find out how to download and use Locanto in the article below!

What is Locanto APK?

Locanto is operated by Yalwa – a German company headquartered in Wiesbaden. It first started off as a local Classified site in July 2006 exclusively for New York City. Then the service began to expand quickly across the US and in 2007, Locanto service was available in all of the big cities in America.

Nowadays, the company has also developed an app version for the website. This allows the Locanto users to search for everything they need more quickly and easily using tablets or mobile phones. Locanto is a free classified app that’s dedicated to meet your every need.

Whether you’re selling your old car, searching for a perfect apartment for rent or making new friends, this app has it all! Locanto classified application is a place that makes everything you need within your reach. You can also gain money on your old stuff by selling them on Locanto. Simply create an advertisement or search for the things you want from hundreds of available categories on Locanto.

The main categories on Locanto APK are: Classes, Community, Events, For Sale, Jobs, Personals, Property, Services and Vehicles.

Locanto APK 2.5.57 for Android
Locanto is a classified advertising app with various categories

Download and install Locanto APK free for Android

Simply click on the link to begin downloading Locanto 2.7.57 APK on your device. This is the recently updated version of Locanto with bug fixes and improved stability. Your tablet or smartphone needs to operate Android 5.1 and above to be able run this program. You can contact the developers of Locanto at http://lcn.to/send-feedback and send your suggestions to help them improve the app.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to install APK Locanto on your Android:

Allow installation of unknown apps

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings app on your device and select “Apps” or “Apps & Notifications”.

Step 2: Tap on the 3-dots button and choose “Special access”.

Step 3: Select “Install unknown apps” and choose the web browser from which you want to download the APK file.

Step 4: Tap on the button next to “Allow from this source” to turn this function On.

Locanto APK 2.5.57 for Android
Tap on the button next to “Allow from this source”

Download Locanto 2.7.57 APK

Step 1: Access the Locanto 2.7.57 APK download page and tap on “Download APK (3.9 MB)”.

Step 2: Tap “Accept” on any pop-ups that appear on the screen. Usually your device will ask if you want to open the file after having finished downloading. However in case it doesn’t, you can navigate to the “File Explorer” app on your device. Select the “Downloads” folder and choose the Locanto APK file you just downloaded.

Step 3: Accept the needed permissions and tap on “Install”.

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Locanto APK main features

Find everything you need

On Locanto, you can shop for secondhand goods, make new friends, find a used car, look for jobs or properties on sale… Whatever you need, just check out the app’s categories and choose the one that fits your demand.

Once you have found the thing you need, you can send a private message to the seller or make an offer. After that, all you need to do next is wait for the answer from the supplier.

Locanto APK 2.5.57 for Android
Find everything you need on Locanto

Sell everything you want

Anyone has unused or neglected things that they don’t need or use very rarely. If you’re arranging your garage, tidying up the basement or decluttering your wardrobe, you’ll find out tons of items are being left aside and wasted. Now you can put an end to all of that by posting an ad on Locanto and try to sell them. These items can make you real money without putting much effort into it.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to necessarily be the old items you have in your house. You can also put on sale the products which you or your company is selling.

Advertise what you’re providing

Locanto is also a great place for you to advertise everything you’re providing. It can be different kinds of services, classes, job openings and many more. In addition, if you’re opening a new store or organizing any types of events, you can promote it on Locanto to gain people’s attention about what you’re doing.

Posting an ad on Locanto is a breeze. You just simply need to take a couple of pictures and upload them on Locanto. Don’t forget to provide a quick description about the advertisement and that’s it! The ad was successfully uploaded online.

You’ll also receive messages directly from the people who want to know more about your ad and response to them in an instant!

How to use Locanto APK 2.7.57

Step 1: Open the app and create your account.

Step 2: Sign in and browse through the categories on the app to find what you need. Save your favorite ads and follow the other users for more updated information.

Locanto APK 2.5.57 for Android
Select a category on Locanto

Step 3: If you want to sell something, just take a picture of what you’re selling. Then select the appropriate category for the item.

Locanto APK 2.5.57 for Android
Take a picture of what you’re selling and upload it to Locanto

Then provide a brief description for the item up for sale. This is very important because it allows the other users to have an overview about your product/service.

Locanto APK 2.5.57 for Android
Provide a brief description for the item up for sale

Step 4: Chat with other users to get more information and bargain over the price.

Whatever you seek for or want to sell, Locanto APK can make it happen! This app covers a wide range of categories and it has millions of users. All you need to do is download the APK file, install the app and join the big community of users on Locanto.

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