7 Life360 hacks to fake your location and stop Life360 from tracking

Life360 hacks

Life360 hacks can help you fake your location to get rid of the app’s location tracking. This application is highly appreciated by parents who want to keep an eye on their children wherever they go. However, many people consider it an invasion of privacy. If you feel like your individual freedom is being taken away from you, in this article you’ll know how to trick Life 360 to fake your place.

What is Life360 used for?

Life360 is integrated with many useful functions: communication, driving safety tool and location-sharing between users. However, the main purpose of the app is location tracking. How the app works is quite simple: to use the app, a group of friends, family members, coworkers… need to install the app on their mobile phones.

Life360 will help the members of the group (Circles) to stay connected to each other, knowing the exact location of other members. Whenever your GPS is turned off or you log out of the app, each and every member in your Circle will be notified by the app.

On the application, you will see a scrolling map that shows where the other participants are in real-time. Whenever you or any other members come to or leave a certain location, Life360 will send out notifications called Area Signals. For example, you can set an alert on the app to know when your staff arrives at the office or when your children get home from school.

Although it’s made with good intentions, Life360 can be unsafe in some cases. For instance, an overly controlling spouse can use it to keep track of the other’s daily activities. Even when you just stop by to grab a burger at McDonald’s on your way home from work, it can still be a problem when you’re being tracked by Life360. Don’t worry, because there are some things you can do to fake your location on this app.

Life360 hacks
Life360 is integrated with many useful functions: communication, driving safety tool and location-sharing between users

Life360 hacks to fake your place on Life360

If you think the burner phone method is quite difficult to execute, then why not find out how you can spoof your location on Life360. It’s impossible to trick the GPS satellite network because smartphones know where it is. Nonetheless, if you’re using the Android operating system then you’re lucky because it’s totally configurable.

All you need to do is to adjust the settings so that the phone only obtains the info provided by an app instead of information sent by the GPS sensors. For this to work, first you need to install a Fake GPS application from the Google Play Store. Next, you need to follow the steps below so that your phone can run the Fake GPS app:

Step 1: Tap the Settings on your phone and choose System.

Step 2: Tap on About Phone, then select Software Application Information.

Step 3: Tap on Build Number quickly for 7 times.

Step 4: Enter the lock password of the phone.

Step 5: Now your phone is placed under the Developer Mode settings. Tap Settings System and choose Programmer Options.

Step 6: Now you have to set up the phone so that it utilizes the Fake GPS app instead of real GPS gadget. First open the phone’s Setups, then choose System.

Step 7: Tap on Developer Options and then scroll down until you see Select a simulated location app. Tap on this selection and choose the Fake GPS app.

Now you can set up a new place within Life360 by browsing the Fake GPS app and choose any location you want. When using this technique, it’s important to check if the place that appears on the Life360 map coincides with the place that you’ve set on the Fake GPS app.

Life360 hacks
Set up a new place within Life360 by browsing the Fake GPS app and choose any location you want

Other Life360 hacks to stop the app from tracking you

Turn off Life360 on your phone

The easiest way you can think of is to turn off Life360 on your smartphone to stop it from monitoring your place. Users can choose to log out of the app or uninstall it on their devices. They can also modify the location tracking function of the phone to keep themselves from being monitored.

However, whenever the app loses track of your location or finds out that you turn it off, the last recognized location will appear on the map with an alert flag. This means that you’re outside the network. The sharp flag will only vanish when you turn on the app again. Therefore, this method is not recommended as the other members of the group will know that you’re no longer using the app.


Install Life360 on a second phone and log in the same account

This is considered one of the simplest techniques to fake your place on Life360. Simply use a second phone (“burner” phone), install Life360 on this phone and log in the same account you use on the main phone. Then on your key phone, log out of the app and quickly switch to the burner phone. Leave the second phone where it’s safe to make sure the location appears on the phone is where you should be.

Nevertheless, this method also has some problems of its own. The first thing is that Life360 has a chat function. Whenever the members in the Circle try to talk with you, you won’t be able to see nor respond to the messages. This might lead to some suspicions. Another problem is that keeping your burner phone safe is not the simplest task if you’re far away from the phone.

Life360 hacks
Install Life360 on a second phone and log in the same account is among the typical Life360 hacks

Disable the location tracking on your phone

Life360 allows you to disable the location tracking function directly from the app. The following steps will tell you how to do it:

Step 1: Open Life360 and tap on the Settings button that appears on the lower right corner.

Step 2: At the top corner, you’ll see the Circle switcher button. Tap on it and choose the Circles with whom you don’t want to share your location.

Step 3: Tap Location sharing from the option list and tap on the Slider to turn it off. Now your area won’t be shared with the Circles that you’ve selected.

Enable Airplane Mode on your phone

One more simple way to keep Life360 from updating your location is to enable Airplane Mode. Once this mode is turned on, your last known place will appear along with a white flag. However, you should also know that the flight mode will also turn off your data internet connection and your GPS. Here’s how you can enable the Airplane Mode to keep you from being tracked by Life360:

  • Method 1: Tap Control Center and select the Airplane button.
  • Method 2: Open Settings on your phone and tap on the slider to turn on the flight mode.

Delete your Life360 Account

One of the most popular Life360 hacks is to delete your account. Many people just simply uninstall the app from their phone to keep them from being monitored. However by doing this, the last known place where you’ve been will still show up on the app, indicated by an alert flag. You need to delete your Life360 account permanently to erase all the history of location tracking.

You can delete your account by canceling your subscription. Open the app, Tap on Account and press Delete Account. When your subscription is canceled, your location will vanish from whatever Circle that you used to join on the app.

Life360 hacks
You can delete your account by canceling your subscription on Life360

Stop Life360 from updating your location with a third party app

You can fake your location on Life360 by using a 3rd party app, which is iMyFone AnyTo. Here’s the complete guide on how to utilize this app:

Step 1: Download and install the app on your PC. Open the app and click on the Get Started button.

Step 2: Plug a lightning cable to your phone and to the PC to connect them. Follow the step by step guide shown on the screen to properly connect the two devices.

Step 3: A map will appear on the iMyFone AnyTo interface. Click on the third icon at the corner to the right, which is Teleport Mode.

Now you can easily pin any place on the map. You can also enter a specific destination in the search bar to select it.

Step 4: Now click the Move button and your place appears on Life360 will be adjusted right away. Now your real location is kept from being tracked by Life360. This is how to trick Life 360 the simplest way possible.

Life360 hacks
Use iMyFone AnyTo to fake your location and avoid being tracked by Life360

Above are some of the fundamental Life360 hacks that you can learn to trick Life360’s location tracking function. The techniques include turning off or uninstalling the app, deleting your account, turning on airplane mode on the phone or using a Fake GPS app. Hopefully this post will help to dissipate all your concerns regarding the Life360 app.

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