IPTV for Roku – Download and Setup Guide

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For those who didn’t know, IPTV is a way to deliver television content to you via internet networks. That’s why it would be cool if Roku, the already popular smart TV technology device, can run it.

Here is an IPTV for Roku for Roku – Download and Setup Guide for folks who want to maximize the awesomeness on their Roku devices. There are a couple of things, and steps there, but don’t worry. It is a relatively simple process and does not require any technical knowledge at all.

Without further ado, here we go.

Equipment needed

To set up IPTV for Roku, you are going to need access to a computer and a USB. Otherwise, it wouldn’t work. However, if you do not have access to a computer, you can carry a USB to the local library, or a friend’s house to borrow their pc. Then bring the USB back home with the necessary file which will soon be mentioned in this article.

Download a source for IPTV channels

Alright, the reason why you need a USB is because you are going to need to get a source for IPTV channels and put it in your USB, then plug into the Roku. If you have a friend or a relative with a subscription to IPTV, you can borrow their list of IPTV channels.

On the off chance that you don’t, a quick search on Google will yield many results on sources for IPTV. Though, you might have to try quite a few of them until you found a legit source for IPTV channels. But hey, it’s free! So, the only thing you will waste is simply a small portion of your time.

IPTV for Roku

How to set up IPTV for Roku

Let’s move on to how to set up IPTV Roku; we have seen enough badly written guide that is a way to unclear in a lot of things. So, below is a step-by-step guide with every detail we thought would be relevant.

So, make sure you read each step carefully before proceeding, especially if you are one of the folks that need to run elsewhere to get computer access then back home to stick that USB to the Roku device.

Loading IPTV channels onto the USB

This very first and foremost preparation is the reason why you need a computer and a USB.

Step 1

Remember the source for IPTV channels thing mentioned above? Once you have obtained that, you need to trim it down a little bit. The reason is that, this method only works if the list of channels is short. Hence, open the IPTV channels source as a text file, and you will see a very long list of channels name within it.

Step 2

You can either choose the ones that you are specifically looking for, copy the first 50 or 100 channels. Remember, this method cannot handle 6000 channels. Then, create another text file and paste the list of your chosen channels in it.

IPTV for Roku

Step 3

Rename the file to “name.m3u” without the quotation marks, and with name as whatever name you would like to call the file.

Step 4

Afterward, drag the file into the USB, and safely unplug the memory stick.

Setup IPTV on Roku

Step 5

Insert the USB into the Roku device. A message will then pop up asking if you would like to launch from the USB media, go on and click on Launch.

Step 6

Once the app has been launched, scroll to Video and click on the file that you created in your USB. You will find channels that you have chosen inside the file. Click on any channel you would like to watch, and click play.

By the way, before you freak out because all the channel icons are just black TV. Don’t worry, it is not malfunctioned or anything, the icon of the channels probably wouldn’t be able to load, but you can still play any channels regularly.


A few things you should know about this method is that, firstly, you need a legitimate source for IPTV channels for it to work. Therefore, if the file doesn’t launch or the file is empty inside, the source file you have got there isn’t legit. It might have gone invalid, or it was authentic in the first place. Look for another one and give it a go.

Secondly, you need to play the file with Roku media player rather than an MP3 player or any other kind of player. Otherwise, the file will not load, and you wouldn’t be able to access the file in the USB.

Bottom line

That’s about it on IPTV for Roku – Download and Setup Guide. The article has covered sufficient information. IPTV has thousands and thousands of channels out there that this article cannot cover. That’s why it is not mentioned at all. Stream all the contents to your heart’s content.

If the article has been helpful to you, please share with your friends, or leave a comment below if you any other further questions. Our tech team will respond with you as soon as they can, and help you address your issue.

As always, thank you for reading, don’t forget to check back in every now and then. We update all our articles on a regular basis. We will see you in the following video.

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