A Samsung Galaxy S7 running iOS themes, why not? You may ask yourself if that phone is a “made in China” fake product, but it’s actually not. We simply use an application called “iOS emulator” to do this. What is an iOS emulator? What experience does it bring to us? How does it work? In this article, we will be giving you the top best iOS emulators for Android devices.

What is an iOS emulator?

An emulator is an application that imitates the hardware, features, and operation of the real machine so that users can experience the apps in emulating platform. This is a simulation program, which allows users to run any applications of the actual device’s system.

For example, you install a Gameboy Advance emulator in your PC; then you could play any games from this console such as Mario, Pokémon, etc.

An iOS emulator is a software that duplicates the operating system of the iPhone. When you install this application on a device, you can use apps from the App Store without the need of an iPhone. It sounds impossible and strange, but it works. And this is the most exciting part: you don’t have to root your phone to run this application.

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ios emulator for android

Notice before installing an iOS emulator

There are two simple steps to take before you can install and use the iOS emulator on your Android device. Because this application cannot be downloaded from Google Play, you have to change some settings first.

#1: Access Privacy tab at Additional settings

#2: Look at the tab Unknown sources and turn it off if it’s on. By this way, the system will allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Now you are free to install any .apk file; let’s see the list of top best iOS emulators for Android.

Top best iOS emulators for Android users

#1 Cider

It is not by random that Cider is ranked first on the list. There are reasons for the popularity of this amazing, stunning, and excellent emulator that you may not know. Here they are.

First, Cider is free; and everyone likes free stuff. Secondly, it’s not only free but also runs smoothly without any delays or freeze. You won’t experience any crash while using apps by this iOS emulator. Thirdly, the interface is friendly and easy to use. You will see no difference in this emulator compared to the real operating system of the iPhone.

Moreover, there is no limitation for apps usage. You are free to experience all the apps and games on the App Store without paying any fees. Even developers use this simulation to test and review the iOS applications, then fix the errors and bugs to improve the real apps.

In brief, Cider is merely perfect. No restrictions for apps downloading. No virus or malware found. Low disk space required. Easy to install and use.


#2 iEMU

iEMU, which is ranked second in this list, stands only after Cider. It’s also available for free downloading with small size, but high performance and graphics. iEMU supports almost the iOS applications and is compatible with most Android devices in the market now.

However, due to accessing a substantial memory from the smart device, iEMU may cause a few delays sometimes. If you play the game requiring high configuration such as PUBG, it may not bring you the best quality and experience.

iEMU provides an excellent interface, high quality of the graphics, and is free for downloading. You can try this application if you only use regular apps but don’t focus on playing heavy games.

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#3 iOSEmus

iOSEmus can work on all smartphones or tablets running Android. This emulator allows you to download any paid apps or games you want for free. The interface is also simple and easy that even a child can use. There are universal themes you can choose and customize. iOSEmus is free for downloading.

#4 All In One iOS

All In One iOS is one of the most exciting iOS emulators you have ever seen. Why? Here I will tell you the most impressive part: it has Siri virtual assistant!

Can you believe it? Yes, you can, because it’s true. This emulator was made by a member of XDA Developers (among the most famous developers in the technology community). Though its performance is not as good as those emulators above, it deserves to be on the top five best iOS emulators for Android devices.

How does Siri work in this iOS simulation? It works the same way as the Siri of a really expensive iPhone in the market. There are many features that Siri can use to assist as you desire, from setting an alarm clock to making an appointment. Believe me, you will be totally blown away by this feature.

In addition, All In One iOS emulator supports almost all the paid apps and games from the App Store. You can easily search and install any desire apps by clicking on the download button and wait until it runs automatically.

#5 Appetize

The last but not less significant is Appetize emulator. However, Appetize is the most unique due to its special features and the way it works. It is web-based simulator that does not require any installation or set up. You only have to open the browser, access the website, and experience all the latest iOS apps in the market.

As this is a website, it’s free and works on any device. The graphics are excellent with high resolution, but the performance depends on the speed of the connection. Anyway, enjoy Appetize as it is the most simple and easy to use.

Check Appetize


Now you have known the top five best iOS emulators for Android devices. I hope you are interested in the iOS emulators because of its exciting experience which could satisfy your curiosity. Please comment below if you have any problem about the iOS simulator.

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