Top 6+ IOS Emulator for Windows 2023

IOS Emulator for Windows


According to iOS simulator windows, it is undeniable that Apple store owns a great source of iOS apps as well as a wide range of the different games. However, you just can download and use these amazing apps by an iPhone.

If you are one of the Windows users, today, I will provide you with a solution for this problem. It is an iOS emulator that lets users run the iOS apps on a PC. Although Apple that has a stylish and powerful OS is the leader in the smartphone manufacturing industry, you still can use iOS Emulator as the second best choice.

Are you ready to try one of the hottest trends on these days which has an IOS emulator for Windows PC?

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What is an iOS Emulator?

Basically, an iOS Emulator is a software that allows Windows PC run as an iOS device meaning a guest and an application of a guest can run on your computer. Thus, like a virtual machine or simulator, an emulator can do what iOS does.

These are widely applied for the test of the developed software, apps and any devices. After installing iOS emulator in your PC, let you visit Apple store then choose and download your favorite apps and games available.

If your emulator runs good and powerful, all downloaded apps can smoothly run without having any hindrance. Even the iOS emulators allow you to download all iOS apps and games for free and to use perfectly on both Windows PC and laptop.

What are the benefits of an iOS Emulator?

Although iPhone emulator windows are designed for using games and apps on iOS devices, it also has the benefits as follows:

  • Check for the developed iOS apps by an iOS emulator
  • Has the same operating system with the iOS emulator so you can sync your application in many devices.
  • iOS developer program helps you coding to learn about Xcode development better and more efficient.
  • Emulators are free to use so you can choose specific SKD for each new release of iOS.
  • The emulator hasn’t required any high-tech processors for installing.
  • It’s simple for beginners to use this software due to the fast programming.
  • You will find out a lot of useful tool developers under the iOS emulator.
  • Even emulators allow you to test how your apps work with other devices

Actually, there are many iOS emulators for your Windows PC but I will just list the best ones. Therefore, depending on your computer, you can choose your favorite and suitable iOS programs on your Windows. However, you should keep in mind this special case that is the majority of the released iOS programs are found for iOS only.

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Advantages of an Emulator

  • Free to Use
  • Attached to SDK and the release of a new iOS
  • Easy to install
  • No need the high-tech systems and process
  • Simple to use
  • Fast programming

iPhone emulator for your computer: You must have an iPhone or MacBook to test iOS Apps. If you don’t have these devices and are one of the iOS developers who want to test apps, you must install the iOS emulator for your computer.

Actually, there are several iOS apps to try on your Windows 10 or Macbook but most of them have not been customized to use on your laptop or desktop. Therefore, you need the third party software for your PC that is the iOS emulator. To succeed, it’s essential to download and install an iPhone emulator for your PC which is compatible with Windows 10. After reading my article, you will be able to use the best iOS emulator in order to run your favorite iOS apps and games on your PC.

Best iOS Emulator for Windows

Although it’s easy to find out other iOS emulators to have the similar effect on iPhone in Windows devices, my list of the best iOS emulator for PC below can take you less effort on your end. Now, let you try top 6 user-friendly and flexible iOS Emulators for Windows:

iPadian Emulator

iPadian emulator is an extension of Google Chrome acting as a simulator in Chrome Browser and working as a cloud of iOS only. So awesome. The Graphical User Interface of iPadian Emulator is similar to iPad’s. Thus, through that, you can use iMessage to send a message from a Windows device to any iPad and the replies will appear in the extension. Thanks to the similar look to iPad OS, it’s easy for you to download any iOS apps for free from App store.

There are 2 versions of the iPadian emulator: free and $10 ones. The latter allows you to access to some special apps which you can’t see in free version such as Snapchat and WhatsApp.

As I said earlier, there are many iOS emulators for your PC but below, I just list the best ones which you can manage all your loved iOS apps and games in your Windows-based computer quickly. Though iOS is a favorite OS of developers, iPhone is too expensive and not everyone wants to invest in it

Here are some worthy features of it:

  • You can access Siri without an iPad
  • Access to all your present things on the Cloud
  • Organize your iPad apps on your desktop and make unlimited pages also
  • Comes with a simple and elegant interface
  • Drag and drop the apps to do multiple tasks
  • Integrated available with screen savers and animated HD background
  • Can easily find out any application thanks to search and browse page

Simply follow the steps by steps below to install this impressive emulator:

Step 1: Download iPadian simulator extension setup

Step 2: Right-click on the setup then left click to run it as administrator

Step 3: Wait for a while to complete the emulator installing

Step 4: Access App store, search your favorite app or game then click on them to download

Click to this link to download iPadian extension

IOS Emulator for Windows

iPhone Emulator – Best iOS emulator for windows 10

In case you would like to experience the use of iPhone on your Windows device, this iPhone emulator is your solution that can turn a Windows desktop into an iPhone interface and access to all applications and games of iOS. Moreover, it’s also the best emulator for developers to test apps in the beta stage.

Another highlight is to be provided the rich graphical experience that is high-quality. You will be experienced exactly what happens on an iPhone clone. You are free to use apps on Apple app store.

Working on the flash helps you have at least a few default apps such as calculator, clock, and notepad. In particular, you are used a varied source of wallpapers and HD background. It is a fruitful emulator of getting iPhone feel.

If you would like to try one of the most used iPhone emulators for your computer, let download this link immediately

iPhone Emulator - Best iOS emulator for windows 10

AIR iPhone Emulator-Must Try

AIR iPhone Emulator – the iOS graphical interface’s replicate emulator can create a virtual look of iPhone on your Windows device. You need to prepare the AIR framework to support the functioning process of this emulator. After launching the software, you will be accessed to the user interface reproducing iPhone. However, using this emulator to test the apps isn’t functional in nature fully.

You can easily access the pre-installed apps available on the AIR iPhone Emulator such as safari, music, weather, and mail but all the applications and games on Apple app store. Nonetheless, I think this is a must-try iOS emulator for your windows computer due to its smooth functioning and a brilliant interface.

It is a great alternative for the iPadian emulator especially you are free to use. If you are wondering how to install this simple-in-use emulator, just follow steps by steps below:

Step 1: Access this link to download AIR iPhone emulator for your Windows computer

Step 2: Double tap on DOWNLOAD and wait for the appearance of the setup option.

Step 3: Click on the setup to start the process of installation.

Step 4: Finally, tap finish button to enjoy the virtual experience of iOS.

AIR iPhone Emulator-Must Try

Smartface Emulator

Smartface is a famous Emulator developed for developers and testers of native iOS apps which is the fully featured and enterprise mobility management platform. The advantages of this emulator include high effect, decreasing cost, maximizing productivity, and getting rid of dependency. The debugging options of Smartface emulator help developers work on iOS apps flexibly.

The outstanding feature of Smartface is its Javascript library that is helpful for developers of the native iOS apps. Other features include:

  • Has many plug-ins for extending this Smartface emulator
  • Come with Javascript library
  • Test for fixes debugs and apps easily
  • Has well-known design editor WYSING
  • Great interface

I will show you the way of using the Smartface Emulator without any hassle

The Smartface Emulator supports developers to test the iOS apps in a different iOS environment. If you would like to emulate your device, you just need to click on “File” option to go for your favorite app. Even the Smartface Emulator allows you to develop apps for Windows. Moreover, you are able to begin from any nascent stage and add any development for your device such as video, image, and text.

Although this app is major and versatile which has 2 versions: free and $99 ones, both of them are well defined and uncluttered. You can install Smartface here

Smartface Emulator

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Xamarin Testflight Emulator

This is the best emulators for windows. There are 2 versions: a free version and a paid one which is more effective than the first one. Yet, both are worth for developers. The Xamarin Testflight Emulator associated with the Apple can simulate your Windows computer with iOS apps. In particular, this emulator can test iOS effectively.

Xamarin.iOS app is one of the best methods to beta test iOS apps by connecting to iTunes. When it comes to the beta testing, this emulator tests both external and internal features of your favorite application. The limitation is that this Xamarin Testflight Emulator just works in Windows OS above 8 for the test of developed apps.

Follow steps below, you will be able to apply Xmarian Testflight on your Windows to run iOS apps:

Step 1: The first step is to install Xamarin Testflight emulator

Step 2: When you set up an “App Store Distribution Profile”, you can start to test with beta rights.

Step 3: Log in to iTunes Connect portal with your ID to access iTunes Connect Record to download new apps.

Step 4: After connecting, archive and publish your favorite apps to iTunes connect. Adding Metadata, external and internal Users help you manage the beta testing. After receiving feedback, go back to archive and publish your apps.

Click to this link to install the Xamarin test flight Emulator.

Xamarin Testflight Emulator

MobiOne Studio Emulator – Versatile Emulator

In spite of emulation of iOS apps, MobiOne emulator – the versatile software is a step ahead. However, it allows you to use SDK in place of developing apps which you do for Android. Apart from an emulator or iPhone simulator, MobiOne Studio Emulator is also a supportive tool for developing multi-platform mobile apps for Android and along with iOS platforms. You must pay for this simulator but I am sure that it is a worthy investment. Through it, you can test your developing apps without having a problem.

MobiOne Studio apps for Windows are built based on HTML 5 hybrid coding model developed by means of Cordova which is an open source framework.

It’s very easy to build apps from this iPhone emulator for Windows computer especially you can use everywhere. The most outstanding feature is the notification part popping on your desktop. Besides, after completing the app installation, if you want, you can share apps as well as web pages via your email even configuring your apps with App Center Progress to automatically download. This emulator features the followings:

  • Create fundamental iOS apps easily
  • You yourself can brand your app with a self-designed icon
  • You also can share your apps and web pages through links
  • Create alerts for status on desktop
  • Have progress view of your apps

The simpleness and easiness of this emulator suit with beginners of users. Let you click to this link to download it now.

Download 32 bit

Download 64 bit

MobiOne Studio Emulator - Versatile Emulator


All IOS emulators for Windows above can give you the best experience graphics of iPhone and iPad. If you are a beginner, you can use free version in advance. Let me know with any your questions in the comment section.

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