Huddle HYvee Login – How to log in your Huddle HYvee account

How to log in your Huddle HYvee account

TheHuddle HYvee Login procedure is quite easy and it only takes a few simple steps to complete. Hyvee Huddle (or HYvee Connect) is a web portal for employees developed by Hyvee – a famous American supermarket chain. Hyvee Connect helps the employees to stay updated with all the news and info about the company. Let’s find out the most convenient way to login to Hyvee Huddle.

Everything you need to know about Hyvee supermarkets

Hyvee was established by David Vredenburd and Charles Hyde in 1930 in the state of Iowa, United States. Nowadays, this chain of supermarkets can be found in more than 245 places in America. Their stores are located in many states in the US such as Wisconsin, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, South Dakota…

Hyvee supermarkets have various services to offer their clients, such as health clinics, bakery & cakes, dine-in, health & pharmacy, flowers, gifts and gift cards and many more. There are more than 10.000 employees working for Hyvee’s chain of stores.

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How to log in your Huddle HYvee account
Hyvee brand was established by David Vredenburd and Charles Hyde in 1930 in the state of Iowa, United States

Nowadays, Hyvee stores are considered one of the best working places in the US. Hyvee always provides their employees with flexible work schedules, holidays and attractive salary. Moreover, there are a few more benefits that Hyvee offers to maintain the satisfaction of their employees:

  • Time-offs and holidays with pay
  • Many tax-saving options
  • Various insurance advantages dedicated to the workers and their family, including dental and medical care, life insurance, prescription coverage…
  • 10% discount when buying products in Hyvee stores and 20% discount when dining at their restaurants
  • Retirement benefits and worker wellness programs
  • Rewards and recognition based on the performances of the employees to honor and keep them motivated
  • Financial benefits such as loans, bonds, debentures…
  • Opportunities for growth and promotions with the company

Why do employees need to access Huddle HYvee Login?

The HYvee Huddle website is exclusively created for people who are working for the Hyvee supermarket chain. Hyvee Huddle plays an essential role in the company’s business, as it contributes to increasing the company’s transparency and employee engagement. Moreover, the portal also helps the employees to understand the company’s policies better. The Hyvee Connect portal can bring about many benefits to Hyvee’s workers, such as:

  • Employees can keep track of their income status conveniently only by logging in their online accounts and schedule their financials beforehand
  • Employees are able to customize their accounts on Hyvee Huddle to their preferences
  • Keep up with your everyday tasks on the workplace through the portal
  • Contact other employees or the managers of Hyvee in the most convenient way with live chat function
  • Keep track of the products in stock
  • Conduct online payments

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Huddle HYvee Login – Step by step guide

Step 1: Access the Hyvee’s official website at through your web browser.

How to log in your Huddle HYvee account
Access the Hyvee Huddle’s official website at

Step 2: Fill in the box with your correct username and password.

Step 3: Press the Log In button and now you’re connected to your account. Check the “Remember me” box to save your account log in information.

What to do when you forgot your Huddle HYvee Login password

If you can’t remember your HYvee Connect password, don’t be too worried. The following step by step process will get you to your account again without any hassle:

Step 1: Open the internet browser on your device and access

Step 2: On the Login screen you can see the Forgot password option. Click on it to access the reset password page.

Step 3: Fill in the blank space with your email and other mandatory info, such as your Worker ID, the last four digits of your SSN. Also enter your new password and type the password again to confirm. Finally click on Go so that you can get the link to reset your account password.

Step 4: Check your mailbox, you’ll be sent an email which provides you with the instructions on how to reset password. Follow the directions to retrieve the access to your account.

For the employees who still encounter problem signing in the Hyvee Connect portal, you can contact the hotline numbers for customer care. The service numbers work 24/7, holidays excluded.

  • Hyvee’s customer care service: (800) 772-4098
  • Fuel Saver’s Customer care service: (800) 232-258

How to create a Hyvee Huddle account

If you haven’t signed up to Hyvee Huddle, firstly you need to create your own new account on

Step 1: Access Huddle HYvee Login, this is the official website of Hyvee.

Step 2: Press Log in (the red button at the right top corner) then click on Create an Account.

Step 3: Now you are directed to the Create an Account page. The sign up form will require you to provide the basic info such as First Name, Last Name and Email. Finally, enter the password you wish to use to log in your account. Click on the red button which is Create Account to sign up.

Step 4: Check your mailbox and you will see a verification email sent by Hy-vee. Click on the link attached in the email to finish creating a new account.

How to log in your Huddle HYvee account
HYvee Huddle website is exclusively created for people who are working for Hyvee supermarket chain

FAQs about Hyvee Huddle app and Huddle HYvee Login

Who can create an account and login into Hyvee Huddle portal?

The Hyvee Huddle portal can only be used by the managers and employees in the company.

Are part-time employees allowed to access the Hyvee Huddle portal?

Hyvee Huddle is designed for both full-time and part-time workers, as well as regular-time workers.

Where can I find my Hyvee Connect Username?

Hyvee Connect is utilized for internal purposes only. That’s why the employees can only obtain the username through their boss or seniors.

How long do I have to work at Hyvee supermarkets to get an employee discount?

Once you’ve been accepted as an employee as Hyvee, you will have to work for 30 days before getting the discount.

As you can see, the process of Huddle HYvee Login is quite simple and in case you accidentally forgot your password, you can always get it back easily. The Hyvee Connect portal is definitely a one-stop platform that provides the employees with everything they need to make their work more efficient.

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