Do You Know How To Use Whatsapp On PC Without Phone?

How To Use Whatsapp On PC Without Phone

Applications for sending messages on smartphones or computers are very useful and convenient for our communication. Instead of requiring labor or using some services of transportation to send letters or postcards, applications now will help you save costs, but messages are transmitted more quickly.

Therefore, to deliver messages, we gradually change the way we send mail from the post office to texting via the phone and pay a fee for each message.

Understanding this insight, Facebook created Whatsapp to transfer information and messages between people through the Internet freely, but this app is for smartphones.

Can we install and use Whatsapp on PC without a phone? It will be more convenient to check messages on the computer while working without looking at the phone. Therefore, today, we will show you how to use Whatsapp on PC without phone.

What Is Whatsapp App?

WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp is a free application owned by Facebook. It’s quite popular with the function of messaging texts and calling your friends and family. No need to pay a fee for installation, and no need to pay for each message like SMS, either! Users will feel comfortable having long conversations with friends.

What Is Whatsapp?

Main Functions

Besides, Whatsapp is a convenient app for free messaging or calling. Let’s consider some more useful functions:

Whatsapp supports sending and receiving photos, videos, or some voice messages. It looks like some social network apps like Zalo or Messenger. The manufacturer develops more functions about Whatsapp free calls, especially even when you are calling to foreign countries, you don’t pay service cost for SMS or call. Then, you can talk and discuss freely with your international partners.

How about group meetings? Your online meetings and appointments will be more convenient with group calls. In addition, group chat is also installed to help you keep in touch with friends and family.

Whatsapp is a mobile app. Is it right? Not at all, you can install Whatsapp on the computer and have experience as on your smartphone. Now you can send and receive messages on your PC.

If you have to log in by ID user and password, now you don’t need them. Actually, Whatsapp uses your phone number to install.  It takes the information from the phone contact list to connect easily and avoid confusion from strange nicknames.

You don’t have to remember a long, complicated text, including letters and numbers, for an account. Moreover, it’s always ready to log in, so you will not miss important messages.

Sharing your current location, sharing contact in the directory, changing the theme and the notification sound, everything can be done with Whatsapp.

In general, we just pay the cost for the Internet; then you can contact other people without a fee anymore. Whatsapp is an excellent app for you!

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How To Use Whatsapp On PC Without Phone?

Whatsapp On PC

Using Whatsapp Website

The easiest and simplest way to utilize Whatsapp on a PC without phone is to access it directly on the official website.

WhatsApp can run on Windows Mac or PC. Before following our guides, make sure that Whatsapp on your iPhone or Android phone is active and available.

1. Visit the official website with the address

2. You can see a QR code with some instructions. QR code is the information to scan on your smartphone to log in. Actually, we need a phone to support logging in to the PC.

3. Open WhatsApp on your phone; there will be a small difference between Android and iOS. If you use Android Phone, tap on the 3-dots icon > WhatsApp Web. In case you have an iPhone, choose Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop.

4. Then, click OK on the next screen, then use the back camera of your phone to scan the QR code that at that time shows on the Windows computer screen.

5. After scanning the QR code, WhatsApp registers an account on a PC and appears on the screen. That allows you to send and receive by WhatsApp directly on the computer.

A note for you: If you just close the browser tab, it will keep you logged in to WhatsApp, and it will not log out of WhatsApp on the computer.

Using An Android Emulator

To use a mobile app on a PC, you’d better have an emulator. Today we will give you some instructions with BlueStacks – a tool for emulating an Android device on your PC. It’s available for Windows and Mac.

1. Go to the BlueStacks website, download and install this Android emulator.

2. Search and download Whatsapp. Click on the Whatsapp icon on your computer and run Whatsapp on PC.

3. Input your phone number and then enter the verification code to authenticate WhatsApp.

You can use Android Online Emulator by adding to Chrome instead of downloading BlueStacks.

Using Desktop App

This method is for Windows 10. If your computer system is under, please update to continue to install Whatsapp.

1. Open Microsoft Store on your PC and search Whatsapp. Remember to register a Microsoft account to download and install all applications from the Store. You will save more time if you have an available account.

Find Whatsapp On Store

2. Look for Whatsapp on the Find tool, start to download, and click to run the app.

3. Open Whatsapp on your smartphone, click on the three dots at the top right corner of your Whatsapp screen. You click on Whatsapp Web and use the phone to scan the QR code on the Whatsapp desktop app on the options menu.

Whatsapp will automatically log in on PC after you complete the scan process successfully. No need to register again; next time, you can log in straight to your Whatsapp account.

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Using Phoenix Operating System

Some guides in this method will relate to the other Android operating system, not use the Windows Operating System.

To install Whatsapp by applying this way, you have to download the Phoenix Operating System (Android for PC). Installing Phoenix OS doesn’t mean you will stop or replace Windows operation.

Because your PC is using Windows, we need to use dual boot to open the Phoenix System. Dual boot is where two operating systems on the same computer are available and ready, and you can choose to boot to any of the operating systems.

Follow the steps below to know how to utilize Whatsapp on Phoenix OS on PC:

We need to download Phoenix OS in the first steps.

1. Download Phoenix OS: Download from the official website

2. You will have some available installers for download, including an ISO image, online installer, and an EXE file to install. They are classified, and they depend on the Android version

3. Create a new partition and restore the point

Before running the installer, we will create a different disk partition for the operating system, which the storing size should be from 10GB. Additionally, the creation of a restore point is the same as the way to back up the system.

4. Run the downloaded file as administrator: Run the EXE file as administrator. We also can use this way to open any apps on a PC. To run the file this way, right-click on the file, then click on “Run as administrator.”

5. Start to install Phoenix system

6. Select the disk partition that you have already created and click Next.

7. Choose a data size disk: 8G is suitable to install.

The installation can take you some minutes. Please wait and don’t shut down until the process is done.

8. As soon as the installation is completed, restart your computer. During waiting for booting, a menu of operating systems will appear; navigate to Phoenix OS and press the Enter button.

All steps above are Phoenix OS installation guides. Now you can download WhatsApp from Google Play Store. The Phoenix OS is ready with some basic android applications that you can find in Google Play. When having the OS, you can install any Android applications you want.

You just need a phone to check and add the Whatsapp verification code, as to finish installing on PC, Whatsapp will send to your phone number a verification code.


Can you install Whatsapp and learn how to use Whatsapp on PC without phone? We hope that our information will be useful for you.

It’s not difficult, but it’s not simple, either. When you install and run the support tools by yourself, choose the simplest way to do it, and you will not be confused with the PC system.

Thank you for reading!

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