How To Remove Stickers From Laptops – Most Useful Methods

How To Remove Stickers From Laptops

What does your laptop look like at the moment? There must be a lot of different stickers on it, right? We understand it! Youngsters like you often use stickers to refresh their laptops’ look and make them look unique.

But you also quickly become bored with these stickers, don’t you? Now, you want to change to other images and need to remove the old stickers. Or you want to sell this laptop, but the buyer does not want to purchase the stickers attached. There is no other option but to remove stickers from the laptop.

In this article, we will discuss some outstanding methods to help you answer the question “How to remove stickers from laptops?” They are all economical and simple methods. These will help you remove all the stickers on your laptop by yourself.

Sounds intriguing? Let’s get started!

What Kind Of Stickers Get Removed Easily?

It is simple to remove stickers from the laptop if they have not been there for too long. For example, you have stuck a fun cartoon decal sticker at the back of your laptop, and after a short time (namely a month or two), and now you no longer want its appearance. In this case, you can easily remove the sticker with a knife or even with your nails.

However, once you have used the stickers for many years, they would be hard to remove. In this case, it’s time for serious measurements to be used. But don’t worry about that.

We will show you how to remove stickers on your laptop, even long-standing stubborn ones, using the following appropriate tools and helpful tips.

These methods resolve both the short term and long term used stickers. Follow us to find out which are the most suitable ways for you.

How To Remove Stickers From Laptops
How to remove stickers easily?

How To Remove Stickers From Laptops? – 05 Common Methods

#1. Remove Stickers From Your Laptop By Using Your Nails Or A Sharp Blade

You can easily use your nails to remove short-lasting hold stickers. In this way, you don’t need to use any tools to clear the stickers.

Step 1: You need to figure out which side of the sticker gets peeled easier, and then start with that side. Consider which angle of the sticker can be peeled easily, then use your fingernails to peel it off starting from that side.

Step 2: Use your nails to peel the sticker out of the laptop gently. Remember that you have to be gentle yet decisive. We emphasize that you need to pay attention to how much force your hand uses to remove the sticker. Excessive and fast force will cause the sticker to break during peeling.

How To Remove Stickers From Laptops
Stickers make the laptop more interesting

If you are not able to use your nails, a sharp knife can turn out to be a good idea. You need to follow the above steps, which are similar to erase the stickers with your nails.

Pay close attention when applying force using a knife. Since the knife has a much sharper edge, applying excessive force can leave scratches on the surface of the laptop, which causes the laptop surface to be scratched.

And of course, it would be difficult to sell a scratched laptop for a suitable price. Therefore, to get a clear, no stickers, and scratch-free laptop, you have to be patient to slowly and smoothly remove stickers.

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#2. Remove stickers from your laptop by using oil

Another method to get rid of stickers from your laptop is using oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil. These are ingredients that can be found in most kitchen stores.

Step 1: Put a few drops of oil on the surface of the sticker. Make sure the entire surface of the sticker is oiled.

Step 2: Dip your finger into the oil bottle. This act is to ensure that your fingers are also getting softer and smoother due to the oil coating.

Step 3: Use your dipped fingers to apply the stickers carefully, be patient for a few minutes.

Step 4: Then gently remove the stickers. The results are not bad at all.

Although the sticker has become softer due to the oil, the sticker’s adhesive bonds and the laptop’s surface can separate easily, even with oil interference. So make sure you remove the sticker gently. Just a moment of indecisiveness and excessive force can cause the sticker to tear, and it will be challenging to remove a torn sticker.

#3. Remove the stickers from your laptop by using a hairdryer

How To Remove Stickers From Laptops
Remove stickers by hairdryer

You need to take some other steps to completely remove the stickers which you pasted on your laptop a long time ago. You can use a tool to quickly and easily remove stickers from your laptop. For example, a hairdryer is fine.

The long-lasting hold stickers are tough to remove because the surfaces get dry. You need to melt the glue to make the adherent bond weak.

The adhesives used to stick stickers to the surfaces get dry as time passes, and with this drying process, it gets more durable and hard to remove. In order to get rid of it, you can use a hairdryer to heat the surface and melt the adhesives.

Once the glue has melted, the stickers will also loosen, and you can easily remove them from the laptop surface.

Step 1: Use the hairdryer to dry the surface of the stickers for a few minutes.

Step 2: Use your nails or a knife as shown in method #1 to remove the stickers. Similar to method #1 and method #2, apply gentle force when peeling.

#4. Remove the stickers from your laptop by using a damped piece of cloth

But what if you don’t have a hairdryer, or if it is not available at the time of peeling, then what are the other options to remove them? Then how to remove stickers from your laptop? You can find another way to do it.

Using a piece of cloth such as your shirt, pants, or blankets can come in handy. They are always available around you.

Step 1: Soak a piece of cloth into the water.

Step 2: Wipe the entire surface of the sticker, and press the cloth firmly down so that the sticker gets wet.

Step 3: Next, carefully wipe the surface of the sticker. Do this for a few minutes.

Step 4: Once the stickers get wet, you can easily remove them using your nails

However, a problem with this method is that it only removes the stickers but not the residues. You can find that adhesive marks or residue are not easy to remove, and if you don’t figure out a way to get rid of them, which can be quite troublesome.

There’s a super easy and helpful method to get rid of leftovers: alcoholic liquids. Soak a little alcohol on a cotton or soft cloth and apply it to the patch. Believe us! You will be surprised by the amazing results it brings.

#5. Remove stickers from your laptop by using abrasives

Another easy method to abolish stickers from your laptop is using mild abrasives, such as toothpaste, magic erasers, baking soda, etc.

  • Step 1:Directly paste the abrasives to stickers.
  • Step 2: Scrub the cleaning solutions gently for a few minutes.
  • Step 3:Use a damp towel to wipe away the cleaning solution and the sticker.

However, we recommend that you use caution when using these methods, as a combination of abrasives and excessive rubbing can damage the underlying surface, especially if your laptop cover is made of plastic.

Or, if your laptop case is made of metal, using the abrasive can leave scratches on the surface of the laptop. If you choose abrasive cleaners, use the lightest one you can find.

Besides, these detergents can be harmful to the skin of your hands and your health.


Stickers on laptops can be hard to remove since they leave marks and discoloration. With these easy methods, you can start removing stickers from your laptop.

Also, the tips are also useful for most laptops, including plastic-bodied and metallic. This complete guide on how to remove stickers from laptops will surely help you take off all stickers you don’t want on your laptop.

Thank you for reading!

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