How to play Game of Thrones, Tips, tricks and unlock all

How to play Game of Thrones, Tips, tricks and unlock all

Although Game of Thrones does not always have the best time to play, the recent launch of Reigns: Game of Thrones video game shows a lot of potential for in-game franchises. The title, followed by previous entries in the Reigns series from the Serial developer, the task of playing on Iron Throne, unlocking new characters and surviving the winter, is as confusing as in the series.

How to Get Started in game Reigns: Game of Thrones

Simply put, taking power in Westeros is a dangerous place and Reigns: Game of Thrones is no exception. The ruler must not only handle the coup and try from the inside but also the imminent disaster of White Walkers. As mentioned, players have the opportunity to take responsibility for a series of memorable names from the Game of Thrones in general – of course, once they are unlocked.

However, these characters need to be unlocked using specific cases – and don’t even mention how to even defeat White Walkers when the time comes. So read on for an overview of Reigns: Game of Thrones, how to unlock each character and how to survive in the battle while waiting for The Winds of Winter.

At first glance, everyone will think Reigns: Game of Thrones might seem a little bit simplistic. In short, all is about making with or without any option, and this binary can allow someone to fall into the wrong sense of security. However, Iron Throne may not forgive, so players like that should make sure they stay alert.

Instead of thinking about the game in this simple way, it is better to think that the title is a matter of management instead. Players will need to monitor the four pillars of power in their kingdom: Faith of the Seven Men, the army, the people and the funds of Master of Coin. A successful ruler must maintain a strong balance on all four pillars, or they may find themselves facing a timely and unexpected end.

In addition, players should also spend time playing through the game at their own discretion. Understanding what works and what is not needed, and especially making sure to keep track of the kingdom’s treasures is needed. After all, the easiest way to appease the other pillars is through the use of limited money, but running out of money will result in equally no less for players.

Regarding the original goals, there are some things that should be targeted. Following the tasks that the player has been placed is a top priority, as this will help players unlock some new characters and also head towards the end of the winter. Similarly, hunting down each ruler’s special ability is key, with examples such as Cersei invincible against the threat of the pillar Faith of the Seven once specific criteria have been met application.

Reigns: Game of Thrones is inspired by the award-winning HBO TV series, Game of Thrones and the cult series of Reigns from Neral and Devolver Digital.
Reigns: Game of Thrones is inspired by the award-winning HBO TV series, Game of Thrones and the cult series of Reigns from Neral and Devolver Digital.

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How to Unlock ALL Rulers in Game of Thrones

Reigns: Game of Thrones gives players nine different characters to choose from. However, apart from the initial character of Daenerys, all others need to be unlocked through gameplay. So here is a summary of how to access each playable character.

Daenerys: The character can play by default. Simply, when you start the game, and Daenerys will be the first character that the player can choose.

Tyrion: The fate of Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones can be confusing so far, but the character here is easy to unlock. The first time Daenerys is killed, the player will be restarted to choose the character again. However, Tyrion cannot play this time.

Cersei: Cersei Lannister can be unlocked when playing as Tyrion. One of the goals while playing like him is supervising Cersei’s trial. At some point during the run, Varys will notify the player that Cersei has been found. Catching her and attending the trial will then give the player access to The Mad Queen, allowing them to play like Cersei.

Jaime: Once Cersei is unlocked, it won’t be long after her brother gets his clothes, although some people think he won’t go that far. To get Jaime, play Cersei and survive long enough for White Walker’s threat to become a reality, at which time Jaime would require Dragonstone to be exploited. Having support for Jaime’s choice at this point will mean he is willing to choose to be a playable character.

Sansa: Sansa Stark will meet the player and ask to buy Wildfire, but not knowing the player, her aim is to blow up The Twins, the castle of House Frey. As long as the ruler (whoever the player has chosen) agrees with Sansa’s request, the player will witness “unexpected use of Wildfire” and unlock Sansa for future plays.

Jon Snow: Like Tyrion, Jon Snow is a very easily accessible person. The old Lord Commander of the Night watch is unlocked when playing as Daenerys, and while doing so, Jon Snow will appear to talk to the player. The next time Daenerys dies, Jon Snow will be accessible.

Arya: Arya is unlocked when playing as Tyrion. After being informed that a Cersei ally was killed, the player will be able to investigate to try and find the culprit. Surprisingly, the person behind the murder is Arya Stark, who can then be chosen. Interestingly, choose Ayra as the playable character that leads to her assassination of Cersei and takes her throne.

Gendry: Due to the past between Gendry and Arya, it’s no surprise that playing as Arya is required to visit Gendry. The blacksmith will approach the queen about the amount of excess iron and make a sword. After the Master of Coin blacksmith is called “dirty”, not agreeing will allow Arya to reveal the blacksmith’s true identity: Gendry. Then he will be available as a playable character.

Three-eyed crows: The three-eyed crows are unlocked when the player has unlocked and played like all other characters.

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How to survive winter and get all nine ending

As bloody as the politics behind Iron Throne, there is a much greater threat to appear from a distance, with White Walkers’ army coming from the north. This is probably the biggest challenge of the game, and each ruler has his own way to survive the dangers of winter. So, this is the way to defeat White Walkers for each character.

Daenerys: Each ruler has an ending attached to their own personal skill set, and Daenerys’ victory depends on her dragons.

Tyrion: When the threat White Walker approaches, activate this trap and lower them.

Cersei: Wildfire is also the key to survival when it comes to Cersei.

Jaime: Jaime’s fight against White Walkers in Reigns: Game of Thrones is like a simple battle. The player will have to complete a speech and then fight, and choose the following options: fight “scores of immortals, bears and other monstrous creatures” using archers.

Sansa: Although Sophie Turner thinks the Game of Thrones finals can divide the fan community, Sansa’s success rule is all about diplomacy and unity on all sides.

Jon Snow: For Jon Snow, defeating White Walkers depends on using Valyrian steel, but holding it is not simple.

Arya: Arya pretended to be Cersei when she was the ruler, but it was finally time for the mask to slide. In the battle against the White Walker army, use the same options as for Sansa.

Gendry: To survive the winter with Gendry, Ayra is needed. Waiting from her, who will assign the task to the player to complete the card matching game by selecting the cards corresponding to the cards that the three-eyed crows appear.

The Three-Eyed Raven: The Three Eyed-Raven is probably the most perfect thing to put together. Select Raven as the ruler, and then any other character options. Whenever a character in the game requests a Dragonglass exploit, say yes and continue to do this as much as possible.


Beat all the endings, and players will be greeted with a picture of Weirwood. That indicates that the main optimism from defeating the game is undoubtedly a feeling of satisfaction – and hopefully Game of Thrones itself will be able to provide something similar to the final by itself.

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