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A Guide On How To Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

February 2, 2022
Edward Tashihira Edward Tashihira


As we are approaching the era where Skynet scenario has become a possibility, I am quite baffled by one thing; there are still people running their businesses without involving in mobile marketing?

No, I am not talking about having a mobile app specially developed for your business, but don’t you think at least there has to be one way or another you can advertise your business with the mobile phone involvement?

Why bother?

The truth is that we human beings have become ever more demanding in these past few years. We evolved from personal visits at a library, to know the world at the tips of our fingers (i.e., computer, Google, internet and such) to now having those privileges accessible on the go with portable devices called smartphones or tablets.

Your business is losing quite a considerable amount of recognition if you don’t already utilize the power of mobile marketing.

Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

What exactly is mobile marketing?

It is a whole bunch of ways of advertising your products or services, taking advantage of how often consumers glue their faces to the phones. However, there are reasons why consumers are willing to be taken advantage of.

The thing is, we consumers do not mind being taken advantage like that at all, even if we are aware of it. The reason is simple because it is convenient.

How is Mobile marketing a thing?

As I said, it is convenient, the teenagers know it, generation Y knows it, but most generation X (i.e., born from 1965 – 1976) might still be oblivious about it. However, do you truly comprehend the extent of that convenience?

Leave your phone at home and go out for 3 days, you have now lost the ability to:

  • locate building you have never been to before
  • Immediately transmit urgent messages to your loved ones
  • Predict if you might need an umbrella
  • Instantly find a person you have never met and asked him for a service you need knowing that he does provide it.

Do I even have to keep going on? I am sure you get the gist.

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How to optimize your mobile marketing strategy

Alright, I think I have ranted enough about me displeased with certain people’s obnoxiousness toward technological advance. My sincere apology if this has bored you and my GRATITUDE if you have read all of it. Now without further ado, let’s discuss technicality shall we?

Searches on mobile devices

Remember this, mobile users dislike reading too much unless it is a content they are specifically looking for. Some of the reasons I can think of include:

  • The screen is too small in comparison to a desktop monitor
  • Reading small-sized and long texts become hideous
  • Not all users have unlimited and fast internet connection so loading them is a pain
  • So forth and so on.

Hence, pay attention to word counts of your advertisement on the mobile devices, make sure they are:

  • Brief and concise (less than 7 words)
  • Easy to read
  • Eye-catching
  • Focus on usability for your design.
  • Avoid misleading and unfaithful content.

Mobile version of your webpage

I can’t even begin to describe the frustration I felt when I accessed a webpage that was not fully compatible with mobile devices. If I could have a dollar for the amount of zooming in and out, dragging, clicking with the tip of a pinky nail, Bill Gates would seem like a peasant to me.

Make sure your webpage has a mobile version of it, with easy-to-click headings or buttons with visible contents allowing users to surf through them quickly and conveniently.

Remember, most consumers are easily annoyed and displeasing them like this will definitely stop them from opening their wallet.

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The option to pay via phone

The more straightforward to pay, the quicker they buy. Those “I-am-ready-to-spend” moments come and go like a gust of wind. The thought of having to go through 10 steps of confirming their purchases will blow them away even faster, especially when the item they are purchasing worth no more than 30 minutes of their total working hours.

Mobile SEO specific contents 

People these days search for everything and anything on the internet with their phones. Dwell deep into the keyword tools such as Google Adwords, analyze search trending, and create a campaign to solve the users’ needs based on it. Though, if you are not confident with your analytical skills, consulting a marketing expert might prove to be useful; and if you have the resources available then outsource an expert on marketing advertisement to carry these tasks on your behalf.

Diversify contact methods

Not all consumers have positive purchasing experience on mobile devices, or some might want to confirm several details before the purchase. In short, there are often quite a lot of occasions where consumers look to contact the vendor first.

Therefore, it might be a good idea to provide different social media outlet for quick contact. Namely, those buttons you often see that would either pop up the chat box or lead you to various social media mobile application such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Integration of trending to mobile marketing

There are many viral trends happening around the citizens of the internet every day. Integrating your mobile marketing campaign to these trending can serve to attract that thumb to click on the see more button. For example, offering a discount for your products on Black Friday, a special price to kick-start a new tourism service on Christmas and so on.

In conclusion

Don’t forget to strengthen your presence on the mobile platform as this is a favorite place for people to skim through and look for information. Though, do not overly emphasize the purchase part, as successful mobile marketing will lead to the eventual purchase either on desktop or with cash at your shop.

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