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How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering? A Foolproof Guide

February 2, 2022
Edward Tashihira Edward Tashihira
How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering


You receive a low battery warning when doing an important assignment. You immediately look for the charge to continue the work. However, wait, what happens with your charging power cable? Let’s imagine! What do you do in this case? You may pick up the phone and search for the solution, but it is not always easy to fix your device without soldering!

This is why we are here to show you how to fix laptop power jack without soldering.

Do not wait any longer. Kick right in!

Make Out The Type Of Issue You Have Got 

The power jack is one of the essential parts of every laptop. It helps you charge the laptop’s battery and ensures a constant supply of energy.

Your device will run out of battery and eventually fail to turn on without the proper power supply. But the charging jack sometimes has some problems. The following are three common “symptoms”.

Your Power Light Flickers

A power jack that works correctly will provide a stable electricity supply for your lap. Issues may happen with it if your laptop meets battery flickers or in case you’re wiggling the cord in the plug to maintain the connection. This can become a risky situation because electrical sparks may happen.

Your Battery Doesn’t Charge Anymore

Even if the signs mentioned above do not occur on your charging cable or notebook, your DC jack can also be harmed if the Battery is not charged.

The laptop charger, as well as the battery booster supply, needs a steady power supply. Loss of battery charge indicates that DC power is not converted to a sufficient battery charge.

The Laptop Works Only At Several Certain Angles

It was a warning sign that something serious could happen. It will match incorrectly or shift location on your device if an Electricity jack gets loose.

Consequently, you have to adjust the power cord. When you angle the repeating jack over and over again, it can put pressure on your DC power cord then plug, and both can be damaged. It is essential to address these issues as fast as possible.

Steps To Check And Determine The Problem With The Laptop’s Power Jack.

Here are 4 steps for you to determine the problem with your device.

Step 1

Firstly, use a multimeter to check the AC/DC source adapter. Maybe nothing goes wrong with your laptop, and the issue just happens with the power source adapter. You do not need to worry in the case that the voltage is off in only a little bit, that’s all right. But be careful if the off-time becomes more than an amp/a volt.

Note: You must remember that the notebook should always match the connector providing the precise needed voltage to charge it (get this information from the stamp at the bottom of your laptop). Again, it’s fine with one volt or less, but not perfect. Everything over or under may inevitably harm the machine.

Use a multimeter to check the AC/DC power source adapter
Use a multimeter to check the AC/DC power source adapter

Step 2

Use your multimeter again to check the device’s power port. Flip your laptop with the bottom facing up. Then, take the Battery out. You need to make sure that your adapter does not get wrong; after that, plug it in! Connect the negative transducer gently to the VGA jack or other metal ports protruding from the plastic case.

Step 3

Now, start touching the positive transducer on every pin of the battery, turn by turn. They’ll all be bringing current, except for the two ones. This is the contacting point that makes the current go out of batteries. You can find out the differences between the voltage-amperage from inside and those of the converter. The internal parameter would be much smaller.

When you realize the reading results bouncing a lot, this might mean that the motherboard gets broken. If you do not see any readings, exactly the jack gets wrong since the battery terminal does not absorb power from it. Well, here’s how you can really easily make the initial assessment.

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How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

Tools and Implements Required

If you want to know how to fix the laptop power jack, first, you need to prepare all or a few tools below to repair your laptop jack (depending on your major issue).

  1. Generic kit of AC adaptors with attachments. Ensure that all the attachments must be compliant with your laptop about the size or related considerations.
  2. Several zip ties
  3. Empty barrel. Just do not waste it if the pointer is still operating. Let’s improvise by replacing this part.
  4. Tape electrics
  5. AC Tools for Your Laptop:
  • Iron solder
  • Solder
  • Clamp
  • Stripper Wire
  • The Pliers
  • Multi-metre
  • Electrical tape
  • Hole Maker – You can pick a combo between nails, hammer & drill, laser, and screw & screwdriver.

If you don’t want to get professional help, or maybe you can’t get it done because you’re on a business trip and need a quick fix, we can show you how to do it correctly in the following part. However, keep in mind: It is virtually impossible to fix this problem without solder.

Correct The Issues Relating To Physical Damage

If your laptop meets a problem with its pin or the whole jack, they are damaged; there is nothing you can do but replace it. Some people will probably try to salvage it by sticking it or another way, but we do not encourage you to do that.

Do not try to use sticking to salvage the damaged jack
Do not try to use sticking to salvage the damaged jack

A device with loose charger port contact will not be provided with steady power. Long-term use can hurt your laptop’s charging pins, eventually causing severe consequences for the motherboard, so the best way is to replace it!

You can search “your laptop’s name/model – DC JACK” to look for a new jack or bring your laptop to the store and tell the staff to find you a suitable one. But you must be careful: Not all laptops use precisely the same DC jack, even when they come from the same company.

Remember to disconnect the DC-IN jack connector from the motherboard, then rotate the screw for removing it from the laptop body. If the port is explicitly soldered to the device’s board, carefully and softly detach it, as the circuit wiring can be badly compromised.

Solve Motherboard, Wire, and Pin related Issues

If you find that the DC port is all right and looks fine mechanically, then let’s repair it to get power back for the device. To fix the error, there are two approaches.

1. Jack Soldered On The Motherboard

How to fix a laptop power jack? It needs your special attention as you’re actually working on the motherboard to replace the device’s power jack.

This condition may be caused by dry soldering, and the case is made worse and worse by our relentless power. To lock it, correctly add flux to the jack’s pins and welder again.

In this case, you need to get some specialized skills, since the wrong contact could make your laptop get broken and can not be repaired. So, first, figure the burned track, i.e., +VE, GND, or analytic signals. Then, straight from the plug pins, weld the cables to where the track can reach.

To prevent it from being damaged again, let’s use hot glue or a mixture of epoxy. It offers a robust motherboard attachment, which allows it capable of withstanding movement while attached to the connector.

Remember, prevent fire, use the thick copper cable, and do not allow the glue inside the connector to come in.

Jack soldered on the motherboard
Jack soldered on the motherboard

2. Jack Separately Connecting With The Motherboard

First of all, you need to unplug the port connector out of the motherboard, then add the DC jack to the converter. Test the power port connector for the voltage.

To repair it, look for the split wire or the DC jack’s disconnection pin, now fully attached and welded. You can even use them for reinforcing if you have heat-shrink piping.

Test the voltage again; once the relationship is formed, it should be there. Try to connect all parts and bring the laptop together.

Way to repair the jack separately connecting with the motherboard
Way to repair the jack separately connecting with the motherboard

Final Thoughts

Now, you may know very well how to fix laptop power jack without soldering. We hope that all the above tips can be useful for you. After fixing, it is necessary to check your laptop to know if it works well. The sign to show that it works fine is the “battery charging” notification.

If you have any questions or if you want to share your own experience, please comment in the box below. We will feel happy if we meet any technical problems related to yours. Thanks for spending the time reading our article.

Good luck!

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