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How to find who viewed your facebook profile

April 16, 2022
Edward Tashihira Edward Tashihira
How to see who accessed your Facebook is very simple


In the content of this article, we will guide you on how to find who viewed your facebook profile.

Normally when surfing Facebook, you will see the interaction with you through activities like a comment, share your post. However, it is just a way of visual perception, not how to view anyone on your facebook. Sometimes there are friends who regularly visit your facebook but do not interact, so it is difficult for you to know through like, share … etc. activities.

So to help you see who visits your facebook regularly or who visits your facebook in the last 10 days or who followed your facebook, we will show you how to access the Facebook wall at the most extremely simple. With how to see who is on your facebook, you will easily find the Facebook ID of your friends or ordinary people to see your wall. Please consult with us.

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Instructions on how to find who viewed your facebook profile

To see who likes to access your Facebook or know who access your facebook the most, who followed your facebook the most, you just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: You log in to Facebook and go to a personal page.

After logging in to Facebook, by default you will access the homepage (Facebook home page). To go to your personal page, select your display name on Facebook or your avatar. Personal Facebook page or profile page. Then you continue to manipulate the second step. 

How to find who viewed your facebook profile
How to see who accessed your Facebook is very simple

Step 2: At the personal page of Facebook, press CTRL + U

Operation press CTRL + U keys to view the source code of your personal Facebook page and at this source page, you will find someone who regularly visits your facebook or who visits your wall the most by manipulate the third step.

Step 3: You press CTRL + F on the source code page to find out who visits your facebook

Press CTRL + F with the purpose of retrieving the search toolbar on the source code page, which will help you find the right keywords. We need to search InitialChatFriendsList on the source code page. You copy and paste the phrase from InitialChatFriendsList into the search toolbar that appears after pressing CTRL + F and press Enter.

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Step 4: Determine who accesses your facebook the most

When you press Enter in step 3, you will find the text, InitialChatFriendsList. After the initial InitialChatFriendsList, it will be the Facebook ID of the person who entered your Facebook the most. Those IDs have the 10000xxx-2 format. Removing -2 you will get the correct ID of Facebook users visiting you regularly.

After obtaining the Facebook ID, to find that person’s facebook. You just need to type in the browser the heart king is. At that time, Facebook’s friends will appear.

Please note that the first IDs after the initial InitialChatFriendsList are the ones who visit Facebook more and more. The more IDs are, the lower your Facebook visit will be. Based on the order of arranging these IDs, you will see who accesses Facebook the most or see the person who is most likely to access your Facebook or know who views your Facebook the most.

How to see who accessed your Facebook is very simple
How to see who followed you on facebook

Web browsers to find who viewed your facebook profile

You can see how to visit Facebook, how to view your most Facebook users at all web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari … etc. This can be seen as a way to know who used to access their Facebook and find out who accesses their Facebook most easily. With just four easy steps, you can quickly know who is going to your facebook and who visits your facebook the most.

Note for using third-party apps

Besides the way we see the Facebook visitors introduced here, there are now many applications who visit your Facebook the most, the application to see who accesses their Facebook most is allowed to use for free. Also, you can see who can see your Facebook profile or see who accesses your Facebook the most.

However, when using the most Facebook-based apps, or if the app sees who visits you the most, you also need to consider the safety of those applications. How to see who is most likely to access your facebook for free with advertised applications can bring many risks to your facebook account.

How to see who followed you on facebook
To increase security in Facebook you can activate the login alert entry. With this feature when someone signs in to your Facebook it sends an access notification about the message or email depending on how you set up.

Normally when accessing the application, it is possible to see who can access the facebook account as much as possible or see the good people on your facebook, that application will require access to some of your Facebook account information like phone number, email registration, photos, SMS, activity log … etc. If you do not read the requirements sometimes and ask for permission to access, you have the opportunity for this software to easily get this information.

There are a number of fake software that provides features that allow you to see who visits your facebook or who accesses your facebook the most and if you use this software will be malicious code and risk losing your Facebook account. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of your Facebook account, we recommend that you do not use advertising applications to see who has visited your Facebook or see who is involved in your Facebook account. If you are curious about how to know who visits your facebook, how to know who visits your facebook, you should apply the most way to view your facebook users as we have mentioned above.

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