Easiest Way To Download Youtube Playlist With IDM

Download Youtube Playlist With IDM

Youtube nowadays is a diverse source of information with various exciting and informative videos that you want to download. You may have downloaded a single video on this website before.

However, what would you do if you have a whole playlist with dozens of videos? Saving each of them is common but time-consuming.

That is why you should read this article. We will give you a hand on how to download Youtube playlist with IDM. Let’s check it out.

What Is IDM?

Short for Internet Download Manager, IDM is a tool working in Microsoft Windows. It was designed to help accelerate download speed up to five times. Besides, it can also help you follow the download schedule.

Unlike using other tools to download, IDM can recover the download process if any issues occur, such as power outages, connection instability, and so on.

IDM at present supports various proxy servers such as Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, HTTP protocols, etc.

Download Youtube Playlist With IDM

Download Youtube Playlist With IDM Step By Step

Step 1: Downloading Idm Is A Must

IDM is not a regular website to paste links to start the downloading process. Therefore, to download a Youtube playlist with IDM, you have to download IDM to your computer first.

Downloading IDM is not complicated. To have an IDM in your computers, first of all, you should search for an IDM or Internet Download Manager in Internet searching tools. Then the IDM’s website will appear, and you need to visit this site.

Next, try to find the texts “Try Internet Download Manager for free” on the website. The downloaded file is a file named .exe at the end.

After that, all you have to do is run that file and follow the instructions.

Now, you are ready to use IDM.

Step 2: Copy The Playlist Url From Youtube.

First of all, let’s visit Youtube and find the playlist you want to download.

Then, copy the playlist’s URL by right-clicking and choosing copy or press “Ctrl + C”.

Step 3: Opening Youtube Multi Downloader First

The aim of using Youtube Multi Downloader is to have a new compressed link that suited the IDM software.

If you are worried about how much it will cost for this process, do not take it seriously. It is in the house! Moreover, this website will allow you to choose the format and quality of the video you want. But be careful when selecting formats because some are not suitable for your computer.

Now you should follow our process to make the download process faster without errors.

It would help if you started visiting the YouTube Multi Downloader website. You will see four selections at the top of the site: Single Link, Playlist, Channel, and How to use.

Download Youtube Playlist With IDM
Opening Youtube Multi Downloader and select Playlist

Step 4: Convert Youtube’s Playlist Original URL To Another

Now choose the Playlist. After that, the “Playlist” box will appear for you to enter the link you have copied in the previous step. Then click the “Download” button.

A new URL will appear, which is the converted one from the original playlist link. You can also choose the videos’ quality and format you want in this step. Then save the new link to use it later by copying it.

Step 5: Open IDM

At this very moment, IDM is ready to be used. Open the IDM and follow the next steps.

Step 6: Ready To Download?

Once IDM is opened, in the toolbar, choose “Tasks” and then “Add batch download from clipboard”. The software will receive the link you have copied in the fourth step to open a window that contains all the videos you want to download.

You now have to choose which video you want to download and which is not by checking the box in front of the video name. If you need to download all of them, click the “Check all” to choose all at one click. Then press the “OK” button.

IDM will open a tiny popup at the right bottom of the software window. You can choose to add files to an existing queue or a new one in this stage.

Lastly, press “Ok” and then “Start now” to finish the process.

Step 7: Waiting

Now all you have to do is grasp a small cup of coffee and enjoy while waiting for IDM to download the whole playlist for you automatically. If you have a long list or list of high-quality videos, you may have to wait for a long time. So do not rush and let the IDM do its job.

Things To Remember When Using IDM

That is the end of the process to download youtube playlist using IDM. However, there are two more things we need to share before you start your process.

Download Later

Is your connection not stable right now, and you need to wait till it is back to normal before downloading? Or do you just want to put the downloading process off?

IDM can help you. You can make a download schedule whenever you want. In the last step, all you have to do is instead of choosing “Start now”, Clicking the “Download later” box, and making a schedule for IDM to know when you want the software to work.

Trial Period

IDM is amazing. But unfortunately, you cannot use it for free forever. They offer you a trial version of 30-day. After a month, if you would like to continue using IDM, you have to pay a small fee (from around $10 to approximately $25) based on the period you want to extend.

If you do not want to pay for the extension, we recommend downloading all the playlists you wish to save before its expiring date. But it is excellent if you can pay for the premium version to experience the best of IDM for a longer time.

Download Youtube Playlist With IDM
You have 30-day to use the trial version of IDM

In A Nutshell,

That is how you can Download Youtube Playlist With IDM. These steps will save you hours compared to the traditional way of downloading each clip.

With this article, we hope you have learned a new way to save the whole Youtube Playlist to your computers.

Do you have any other handy websites or apps to download multi videos at once with fast speed? Please feel free to comment to share your experience with us.


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