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Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations For 2022

April 4, 2022
Edward Tashihira Edward Tashihira
Digital Marketing Trends


Compared to decades ago, when mass printing and handing out flyers were still a thing, consumers’ behavior now and then are totally two different dimensions. That is precisely why marketing agents and personnel have been bursting their necks trying to catch up with these constant changes.

As a result, numerous trendings emerged out of seemingly nowhere. Though, worry not, for I have summarised a list of the most recent and innovating digital marketing trends for 2022.

Digital Marketing Trends

Current Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations For 2022

Profiling buyers using Artificial Intelligence

You probably imagine the face of Skynet robots by now. Regrettably, even the 2019 technology is still not also remotely possible for that kind of A.I. just yet. The ones I am referring to are much friendlier than that. You have heard of them already:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Google searches
  • Advertisements on your favorite manga website

These are some of the examples where your purchasing are recorded, profiled, and categorized into patterns that best suit your needs. Ever noticed that a google search on a particular product you were just thinking the other day, suddenly an advertisement of it just popped up on a random blog you found while searching for a random topic? Yes, that is the work of the A.I.

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Was it a solution to slow response time or simply because consultants were sick and tired of toxic customers? Either way, the birth of the chatbots have become a sort of famous in the past recent years. There are so many websites these days utilizing chatbots to answer customers’ inquiries.

Though, the technology is still somewhat limited as chatbots would not be able to answer your questions unless keywords to information provided directly related to it. It would always potentially be a popular trending for quite a period of time, especially if making those chatbots as smart as Siri or Alexa become affordable.

Multiple-channels marketing

Yes, I am talking about the popular social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. A specific product can reach its targeted consumer through these platforms.

However, it might be worthwhile to mention that such digital marketing trends become a hot thing not mainly because of extreme convenient shopping experience. Instead, it is because such a strategy is extremely comfortable for the targeted consumer to keep track with products trending and boost interaction between customers and vendors.


With the surging popularity of live stream videos, numerous small sellers are utilizing the trending cleverly to market their products. Traditional television contents are gradually becoming a thing in the past, as consumers believe that directors only edit the part they want you to see. Thus live streaming contents became popular as viewers are more willing to think these are genuine reviews of the products.

Another reason for the rising popularity is the simplicity and low budget required. Unlike traditional contents broadcasted on the television, which require hours of labors and setting thus money, live streaming videos require only a mobile device and internet connection.

Even if recorded videos somehow were not able to be broadcasted live on the social media platform, they can still be edited and post on your personal page later. Even with those extra editing on photoshop, they are still way more affordable than televised advertisements. Also, it is quite simple to learn too, a straightforward tutorial video on Photoshop video editing would suffice in providing most necessary skills in video editing.

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Voice search 

Alongside the booming incremental uses of the search engine, typing your questions out no longer satisfies our consumers, we have become so lazy that we continuously ask Siri or Alexa to do little things like that for us.

As such, many website developers or content personnel have adjusted their marketing platforms to be more conversational to maximize their presence within the search engine. The reason is that consumers sometimes find it easier to look for their products with longer and more conversational-like searches, rather than short and concise keywords searches.

Virtual reality

What a world we live in right now? Visiting the mall? Are you still living in the 1980s?

Consumers have been swept away by this new experience. Although some are quite reserved or even unaware of it, those that aren’t in either of the group are enjoying their unique shopping experience like they are Alices in Wonderland.

Though sadly this innovating marketing trending isn’t for anyone and everyone, especially small and private sellers as they are quite costly, if you can swing it, your presence on the marketing is going to be huge!

In fact, IKEA has already implemented this innovation into its marketing campaign. IKEA’s augmented reality app allows you to fit their furniture in your house without the need to put your pants and do your load of legwork. Another example of the application is VOLVO taking their customers on a virtual drive through the mountain with Google Cardboard in their brand new luxury SUV, innovative mind, and customer service at its absolute most beautiful right here.

These are just some of the examples of VR marketing trending as there are already a hundred of other big companies implementing it in so many different ways.

In conclusion

The world changes, people change, and so do marketing trends. If you are looking to stay ahead and survive in this world, better adapt to those digital marketing trends and innovations of the year 2022. However, for ordinary folks who do not shoulder the same kind of stress, they are having the time of their life with this whole new shopping dimension. Make sure that you at least implement some of the trendings mentioned above to advertise your products. You might not find all of them suits your taste, style, or/all budget, but there will be at least one you can use to improve your business.

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