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5 Must-Know Design Tips For Start-Up Websites

February 2, 2022
Edward Tashihira Edward Tashihira
Web Design Tips For Startups



As you can refer to its name, “start-up” needs a lot of time and effort to not only “start” but level “up”. When it comes to start-up, business owners find themselves struggling in finding the way to position their concept in the industry.

Design Tips For Start-Up Websites

No one can tell that start-up is easy. And one of the most important priorities for start-ups is building a professional business image. This is when we need to seriously consider designing.

However, designers never come cheap. Thus, many start-up businesses hesitate to really invest in designing.

So if you are also a start-up business owner and you do not want to lose hope on designing with your tight budget, these tips are what you need to know.

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Build your website with CMS

The fact is, giving your brand a face does not necessarily cost an arm and a leg. A CMS based website will help you save a lot of money. It is also easy to build and manipulate.

My recommendation is using WordPress. It has long been a big name in website creation. It has many different plugins with which you can have a better control on your website. There are 4 most common ones:

Yoast SEO

It is an SEO optimization plugin that helps you have a better exposure to search engines. It takes care of all your SEO needs.

W3 Super Cache

This plugin accelerates the loading speed of your website. It reduces the waiting time and contributes to the general performance of your page.

Social sharing buttons

These buttons are the must-have items on your page. By being able to share your content on social media platforms, you are more likely to receive more traffics.


Get annoyed by spams and hate comments? Akismet is a great tool to keep you free from them.

Create a gorgeous logo

One of the core elements of your brand identity is the logo. A good logo should be one that puts your message in a nutshell and says it in symbols. Just like the website, it may not be necessary to outsource the logo designing work.

You can create your logo by yourself using many free tools online. One of them is Canva – a drag-and-drop designing platform on which you can create your logo as well as any other graphic with ease.

When making the logo, there are four primary principles you should pay attention to.

  • Visual consistency
  • Relevance between the logo and the brand name
  • Legibility from using contrast colors
  • Appealing tagline

Use free stock images

People do not come to your website just to read. To keep them engaged in your posts, you need pictures in them. More importantly, pictures on your website make it easier for the target customers to connect with your brand and offerings.

And if you need to empty your pocket to buy images on paid image stocks, think again. There are so many free stocks out there that you can make use of. They have high-quality pictures that soothe the eyeballs. Here are some of them:


And the best thing about these stocks is that they update the images on a regular basis. You will have new pictures every day or every week.

There should be no excuse for not being able to take beautiful photos. Just search on these websites and you will have numerous options for the visual of your website.

Make deals with freelancers

Let’s make it rewind to the old days when people did not use the money to buy things but exchange what they had. And that should be what you implement for your start-up business.

There are so many freelancers out there being so eager to exchange their skills. They can thus work for what your team and offer for them in return.

As an entrepreneur, you have many skills that you can make use of to build a strong and wide network. This network will help you a lot in the longer run, reducing the resources you need to invest to achieve your target.

For instance, you can write articles or perform SEO audits for them. And if you have a strong fan base on social media, you can help them to achieve wider exposure by giving them likes, shares, and comments.

Capitalize on user-generated content

User-generated content is a goldmine for every business. This content can be encouraged by organizing a contest with prizes on your website or social media pages. The incentives will push users to share their best images of your product/service.

We all know that Word of Mouth is one of the most powerful marketing means. And your customers are willing to share their stories, you will enjoy a grand exposure among your target audiences.

Also, this tip can give you numerous high-quality images without having to actually pay for them. You can then use these images in your campaigns in the future. Having beautiful pictures for your promotion ads is now easier than you think.

User-generated content is not so complicated to deploy. Yet, it helps you a lot in improving your brand image and reputation. Once you have good reviews from your customers, your business will start to grow prosperously.

The final verdict

Designing should be one of the priorities in building your business identity. The more you invest in it, the more refined it becomes. There are a few things that should be done by the pros to get the results.

However, for the start-up businesses, it is better to get your hands on and experience the work. Hopefully, these designing tips will make it easier for you to create your own brand identity and leverage its exposure.

Thank you so much for reading and wish you all the best!

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