Download Change My Software – Windows 10/7/8/8.1/XP Editions

change my software download


As you may know, there are more and more phone users are the fans of Android OS. Android OS has its own advantages; however, Windows OS also has some very attractive features. The fast speed, ease of use and availability of many applications can be distinctive characteristics of Window OS. Because of these reasons, there are many users of Android device desire to have Window OS on their Android phones.

So, is there any app which can help your phone can integrate the two operating systems onto one device? The answer is: “Yes, there is. It’s Change My Software, version Windows 10/8.1/8/XP”

change my software download

Is Change My Software a fake app?

Technology always amazes us. However, some people still consider that it is impossible to run a Window OS on an Android device. Well! They should think again after reading this article. The reason for this doubt may result from the fact that you can go through a long survey before downloading this tool. The solution is that you can’t ignore this survey the official site uses by moving onto another site where you can find the “.exe” file. This is only a zip folder, and you shall get a very easy installation process. You can see that this is a truly real app!

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Is Change My Software Useful?

After choosing to install this app, you can boot Android and Windows operating systems together on the same device. No need to buy two devices. All of the best features of Windows OS versions including XP, 7,8, 8.1 and 10 are available on your Android phone. This app is also available in almost all major languages of the world, and you do not need to pay anything to download. For all of these benefits, this app is really useful.

The only disadvantage of this app is that it is a bit hard for a new user. Only a professional one can perform the installation well. Seeing through the following technical specs of this app can help you get it with fast speed.

Technical Specs of Change my Software

  • It is absolutely free. No need to pay for its license.
  • It is incredibly small-sized with 12.78 MB space occupation in your device. So, you can take it easy to download.
  • It includes an ARM platform.
  • CMS drivers are needed for this tool.


Are there any precautions when choosing to install this app?

Of course, when you want to get a real and true app, there are also some requirements or precautions before installation so that it can run on your device.

  • Your device needs the redundant space of at least 12.78MB
  • Your device’s configuration is at least 1GB RAM
  • The internal storage is at least 8GB

I think that almost our Android phones now meet all of the requirements described above.

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How’s about the specific process of download and installation of Change My Software?

1. First of all, you need a PC, prepare your Android device and a USB cable to connect the Android device with PC. Then, carry out the following steps to install.

2. Connect your Android phone with a PC/laptop via USB cable and open “Settings” on the phone. Use a USB cable to connect your Phone with PC.

3. Click “Here” to download the “Change My Software” tool to install Windows operating system.

4. Before installation of this app, you might need to back up your current data in the Cloud Storage and restore it if necessary

5. When the zip folder is downloaded, extract it and find the “.exe” file and tap it to start the installation

6. Click the option “Install Now” on the screen, and you will see a bar displayed on your phone to see your installation progress.

7. When the installation progress is completed, your phone shall restart automatically.

8. Finally, you should personalize the “setting” to end this installation process.

change my software download
change my software download
change my software download
change my software download
change my software download
change my software download
change my software download
change my software download

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How should we do if your device gets slow after downloading?

If after installing this app, your Android phone is slow, try one of the following:

1. Clean up the main screen

If your phone has a microprocessor and RAM is modest then the home screen should be minimized to speed up the process.

2. Change browser

The default web browser on Android is quite heavy and consumes a lot of system resources. You should switch to light and faster browser.

3. Free up memory

It seems that storage capacity on smartphones is never enough. That’s why you should transfer music, videos, and applications to an external memory card. Also, you should remove applications and games that you no longer use because they occupy a lot of storage space.

By going to the “Settings” part and you can remove any unneeded software. You can use Disk Usage to know exactly which files occupy the most storage space.

4. Do automation for the phone

Your phone may be smart enough to reduce the volume to the smallest when you’re working, turn off Wi-Fi, 3G at night, and do all the tasks automatically.

5. Remove harmful apps

Malicious apps often slow down the phone. Sometimes the culprits are well-known applications, such as Snap chat.

Even a popular app like Facebook also causes some nuisance. If you uninstall the Facebook app on Android, your phone will be 15% faster.

6. Remove antivirus software

Anti-virus software on Android is only a scene and really not necessary because it makes the phone slow.

7. Reboot your phone regularly

This can help the phone run faster, especially when you experience slower or hotter than usual.

8. Turn off fine-tune animation effects

Basically, the smoother animation effect is slower. Fortunately, you can adjust yourself. Compared with other Windows-based smartphone apps which require downloading cost and high-end device configurations, this app is a good choice for those who are the fans of Android OS but want to enhance the experience with the Windows operating system.

From now on, you will see the two different operating systems working on your phone. All of these two separating OS’s features are utilized at the same time. The, share this article with your friends, enjoy Window OS experiences in your phone and get happy time together!

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