CASE: Animatronics – Horror game Mod Apk

CASE: Animatronics – Horror game Mod Apk

Case: Animatronics is a creepy and dramatic horror simulation game. This game will make the player unable to get rid of the screen and always in a state of nervousness and stress.

Challenging in Case Animatronics game

Case: Animatronics is a really scary and challenging first-person horror game. The control of the police department is in the hands of a mysterious hacker. All exits are locked. Power collapsed. Metal monsters are getting closer. Can you survive, Bishop Detective?

Welcome to the police department, overtime work can lead to tragic consequences. In Case: Animatronics, players will play the role of John Bishop, a passionate detective who is always tired of conducting investigations late at night. One day, in a sleepy sleep full of nightmares, you are awakened in the middle of the night by a strange call from an old friend, causing your whole world to turn upside down.

Your police department is cut off electro. The security system is attacked. All exits are locked. But that is not the real trouble.

An iconic horror survival game with murderous animatronics
An iconic horror survival game with murderous animatronics

Someone, more accurately, something, is watching you. Red eyes shone from the dark corners, the sound of metal moving, echoing in the dark corridors. You only know they are called Animatronics (puppets controlled by robots), but a mysterious and horrifying force is controlling them. The player’s task is to find out what is happening in the police station, survive the night, and find out who is responsible for this frightening madness.

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Tips to win in Case Animatronics game

Now Animatronics has a lot of loose ends that it doesn’t even bother to respond to. A crazy man then locked the bishop in the police station, who also turned the animation into the villainous killer of artificial intelligence he created. Instead of calling for backup, the detective just needs to accept this situation and go with it like something like this happens all the time. He even tried to step out of the front door made of glass that could be locked. And believe me, this is more than sticking to details.

Animatronics game – Horror game is also quite simply because this is also a complete Steam game. You duck to evade the scary robots and at the same time complete the objectives. You will be able to monitor security cameras from the tablet and thus find out where the animated enemies are hiding. You will encounter them in the shape of one of the three animals: Wolf, Cat, and Owl. If you want to beat them, you need to get used to their mechanics.

The Wolves patrolled the halls, Cat sneakily sneaked out of the vents while Owl kept her eyes on your movements. This job aims to avoid them and check the premise for clues and items, as well as notes that will tell you more about the situation you are having. Although this problem is quite confusing. Animatronic will meet you unless they hear you with their sharp senses or you stand in front of them. This means that under the desk space and lockers are the main options to hide whenever you see them coming.

Solve mystery puzzles
Solve mystery puzzles

However, I have to admit that I have rated this game as easy and think hiding in the same place would be wise. But not. After a while, the Animatronics discovered you were using the same hiding place and scared you in mind. But after a while, their scare tactics are ineffective and you begin to expect them to appear to play.

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Best things in Game Case Animatronics

In general, this may be a better game if developers think more about it. The conversation was depressing, however, the villain voice actor did a great job.

  • The game atmosphere will not disappoint everyone although it is nothing new and surprising. But with so many unexplainable things, like a box vibrating when you pass by it or that ghost at the beginning of the game, you will feel a bit cheated and unhappy with the story.
  • The motivation of the villain to free the killer robots on you is somewhat childish. Eventually, he waited many years for the bishop to pay for not catching his killer wife when he was a young detective. And finally, the villain chose revenge on the comic and created animation to torture and kill you in the police station. Everyone guessed he could allow them to chase you anywhere because they were controlled by the program or home. I think it would be much better if you were called to cause trouble in an abandoned building and then be locked up there with robots chasing you through hallways and rooms you didn’t know and need to find your way. But, the developer chose another story and unfortunately it doesn’t make sense.
  • On the other hand, CASE 2: Animatronics Survival is much more interesting thanks to two modes you can play. One of them is the online mode where you can play in the form of either a victim of being chased or animated. The game was released a few months ago this year for Windows and Mac OS X and provides more dynamic interaction with players. This happened two years before the first part when a horrific tragedy forced the government to shut down an amusement park. The player plays Jack, a man obsessed with his past that you must try to save.

Feature highlights of Case: Animatronics for Android

  • Refuge

Every object in the room or hallway can save your life. Animatronics animals cannot see players huddled in a wardrobe or hiding under a table!

  • Always moving

Please move continuously, even if you see an animatronic, the player can manage to escape a near death. Everything depends on you!

  • Solve mystery puzzles

Try to find the cause of this horrifying chaos and complete scary missions!

  • Listen

Don’t just trust your eyes! Carefully listen to everything around, every sound can completely turn the situation around and put you in danger.

  • Use tablet

Use it to check security cameras, control and monitor other rooms, but don’t forget to check the battery status of the tablet you’re holding. Please use the charging station at the right time.

  • Survive

Only a wrong action can lead to death! The player must be extremely wary.

You don’t have to play the first game to play the sequel, although CASE: Animatronics will give you to show you how animated your animation is and what picture is expected. Although it may not be an impressive game, the game still has the privileges and is really ideal for novices who are familiar with the genre of horror and desire to experience.

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