BypassFRP_09 2016 APK free download and how to use

BypassFRP_09 2016 APK

BypassFRP_09 2016 is a useful tool that makes it possible to bypass a system created by Google to protect your phone, which is called Factory Reset Protection (FRP). This system keeps the files and data on your mobile secure from anyone who tries to delete them after having executed a factory reset on the device. However, Google FRP can be a hassle sometimes, especially if you don’t recall the login information for your Google account.

Things you need to know about Google FRP

Google Factory Reset Protection (Google FRP) is meant to protect all the information on your phone in case the mobile device is stolen or exposed to a hack attempt. This feature is available for the mobile phones that use Android Lollipop 5.0 or up. Google FRP kicks in when:

  • Someone enters wrong password for a Google account on the phone too many times
  • Someone performs a factory reset on the mobile device

Once Google FRP is activated, the mobile phone will be locked until the right account password is entered. This way, if your mobile device is lost or stolen, the thieves won’t be able to access the files and data on your phone. Even after they have executed a hard reset on the phone, Google still demands that they enter the correct username and password for the Gmail account to open the device.

Also this system serves a good purpose, it can cause some serious trouble if the owner of the device doesn’t recall the exact username and password. This can easily lead to too many failed attempts when entering the password for a Google account and the device will be locked indefinitely.

Google FRP is activated when the mobile device is reset

What is BypassFRP_09 2016 APK?

FRP Bypass is a useful program that allows you to avoid the Google factory reset protection. This tool will do you a big favor if you have forgotten the login information for your Google account. With the help of this FRP Bypass app, you can remove the FRP lock on any Android device and clear the Google account.

Nevertheless, the Android system is getting more and more advanced. This allows Google to integrate many new specifications and features to the FRP system, making it way more complicated to bypass the FRP by Google.

Don’t be too concerned! BypassFRP_09 APK is still the fastest and most effective way to exclude the FRP lock and help you gain full control of your phone again.

FRP Bypass is a useful program that allows you to avoid the Google factory reset protection

Download BypassFRP_09 2016 APK

You can download BypassFRP APK and enjoy many of its excellent features, such as:

  • Fast functionality: You don’t have to wait so long for the FRP lock on your Android phone to be removed.
  • Simple and straightforward: This tool is easy-to-use even for people who don’t have profound technical knowledge. All the instructions you need are included in the tool, which allows beginners to operate the app quickly and efficiently.
  • Multiple device compatibility: The tool is compatible with almost every mobile phone on the market today, such as LG, Huawei or Samsung.
  • Doesn’t require a third-party app: This program can operate by itself without other external apps or tools.

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How to bypass Google FRP using BypassFRP_09 2016 APK

Using an OTG cable

Step 1: Save the BypassFRP APK file to your computer or other devices.

Step 2: Transfer the file to a USB. Then use an OTG cable to connect the USB to the FRP locked phone.

Use an OTG cable to connect the USB to the FRP locked phone

Step 3: Navigate to the File manager app on your phone and locate the FRP Bypass APK file. Tap on the file and choose “Install”.

Locate the FRP Bypass APK file. Tap on the file and choose “Install”

Step 4: After the tool is finished installing, open the file and tap on the “3 dots” > Choose Browser Sign-in. Now you can enter any Google account you want.

Enter any Google account you want

Step 5: Now you’re able to access the Settings app on your phone. Tap on the Settings menu and choose “Backup and Reset”.

Tap on “Factory Data” and choose “Reset Device/Erase Everything”.

Step 6: Once the procedure is completed, all the information on your mobile device will be removed. This includes application, system and settings data, videos, pictures, messages… and most importantly your Google account.

Step 7: Now you only have to restart the mobile device and reboot it. The phone is freshly new again.

Without using an OTG cable

If you have a stable internet connection, then you can execute FRP bypass without the need of an OTG cable:

Step 1: Turn on the FRP locked mobile phone.

Step 2: Now the setup wizard will appear on the phone screen. Just simply do what instructions tell you to.

Step 3: When the FRP Bypass screen appears, access your keyboard and tap on “Settings”.

Step 4: Now tap on the “Menu” button and choose “Help” > “Feedback”. Type a random content and press the “Share” button.

Step 5: Tap on the messaging option. Compose the content for the new message and then navigate to the “To” section, type a random number and then tap on the contacts icon.

Step 6: Tap the “Call” button and choose to make a new call. Once the dial pad shows up on the screen, you’ll need to enter the code *#*#4636#*#*.

Enter the code *#*#4636#*#*

Step 7: Choose the “usage statistics” option and press the “Back” icon button to return to the main screen.

Step 8: Navigate to the Settings app, then choose “Backup and Reset Option”. Now you can perform the “Factory Data Reset” action and wait for it to complete.

Perform the “Factory Data Reset” action

Now you won’t have to struggle too much with unlocking your device from the Google FRP system. Simply install this BypassFRP_09 2016 APK file and follow one of the above methods to bypass Google account verification and you’ll gain full control of your phone in no time! These methods work really well no matter which phone brand you’re using.

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