Bring the deal along and get it signed: 5 steps to make the customer “can’t resist the offer”

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Closing the sale is a very critical stage. It is the ultimate destination that determines whether all of your efforts have reached “the sweet” or not.

The sales staff is expected to achieve a high proportion of successful sale close by their efforts to earn a great deal of money and improve their professional career level, so they have developed a lot of techniques over time. By these 5 following simple steps, you shall know how to close the sale effectively.

The Step One: Way of Pre-Closing

This step is aimed to engage your client in your sales presentation in a friendly manner. By a smile, you can begin with a natural pre-approach before your sales presentation.

You should remember to always respect your customer by giving them a chance to talk when you ask them a question. Getting started with some relating stories can help you get the mutual understanding with trust.

Enter the world of others first, and treat them the way they want to be treated. Always respect them; sympathy is nothing but mutual understanding with trust.

The Step Two: Journey of Discovery

Ask a question-oriented approach to identifying customer issues, customer needs, beliefs that hold customers, and customer emotions. The goal is to gather facts about customers’ demands, help them discover their problem and then you can give them a solution.

Spending time understanding your customer’s story and needs that hold customers’ emotions. The goal is to deepen the pain of the customer to force customers to feel the need to act immediately.

If you have already met and finalized the problems with them, then this time you shall review and get them to involve in your products. Find out the core value of the customer, which serves us in the following presentation step.

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The Step Three: Presentation

Once you have identified the needs, problems, and pain of your customers, it is now your turn to come up with a solution for them. Customers do not need products, do not need you, do not need your company, what customers really need is a solution to overcome the problem they are facing.

But how do you re-present an important aspect for customers to make a purchase decision from you? Why do customers buy products from you and not from other sellers? So your presentations need to be based on the problem the customer is having.

Bring the deal along and get it signed: 5 steps to make the customer "can't resist the offer"
Make professional presentation

What features in your product can solve customer problems? When the problem is resolved, what benefits does the customer have? How do customers feel? These are the things you need to highlight during the presentation.

These are the things you need to highlight during the presentation. Eye contact is also very important for you to always keep up with the customer’s thoughts. These tips are aimed to make your presentation more fluently; otherwise, the customer shall immediately buy someone else’s.

The Step Four: Objections Solving

Almost our customers shall ask some questions or provide “objections” to the presentation when they decide not to buy our product or service. At that time, you need calmly and politely answer these objections.

Besides, it’s necessary to solve the objection head on and provide pieces of evidence to show the ability that their objections are no longer a concern. To prepare to overcome these situations, you can practice a presentation with your colleague or friend in advance. Get some objections which might arise and draft the solution presentation.

The Step Five: Sales Closing

Sales closing is the only way to get your agreement. If the customer trusts you, trust your product already, but if no one tells the customer what to do next, the customer will not buy. The thing you always have to do is ask the key questions. Do not be afraid, be confident because you are giving value to your customers.

To make your sales closing, you should combine the linguistic, body language, and emotional patterns in the presentation, especially when you evaluate the customer. In case you can’t close the sales at this time, you can set a follow-up date or provide your contact information for another follow-up close if necessary.


Before the end, keep in mind that sales are the way we bring value to our customers. To sell successfully, we need to practice. The above is a great process to sell, but it would be pointless if you do not practice well. Good practice shall make your customers appreciate your professionalism, trust in your product and make the decision.

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