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Download Bluestacks Offline Installer For Windows

February 2, 2022
Edward Tashihira Edward Tashihira


In this article, we will give you the link to the most recent version of BlueStacks  installer. With this program, you will be able to play Android games without a mobile device access to the Internet.

With BlueStack, you can play Android games right on your PC or laptop. This is convenient in many ways.

Firstly, you will be treated with a much bigger screen and lots of visual satisfaction. The mouse and keyboard also make it easier to control movements in comparison with phones’ screen.

Secondly, BlueStack is free and can be used with many versions of Window, including Windows XP and Windows 10.

We also provide a link to the latest BlueStacks offline installer. Now you have everything you need in one place. But first, BlueStack will serve you best if you know about its features and how to install it right.

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An overview of BlueStacks features

  • With BlueStacks, you are able to play all Android gameseven without a mobile device.
  • It also supports 3D games.
  • BlueStacks allows you to resize any app you want, either shrinking or expanding
  • It allows Facebook’s Live Streaming feature and anythingyou would like to stream to your family and friends.
  • If you have a camera available on your device, BlueStacks can support image capturing and video recording.
  • BlueStacks has an integral media player so you can watch videos and listen to any audio files.
  • It has a chat feature that allows sharing thoughts and scores right at the moment of playing.
  • The app supports GPS so you canlocation setting in no time.
  • BlueStacks allows many tabs to be opened at a time.
  • Users are able to adjust volume or mute the sound.
  • You will have the latestupdates about your game with notification appears at the upper right of BlueStacks’s window.
  • Copying files from your system is also allowed.

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How to install BlueStacks

Please find BlueStack’s download link from below.

First, activate the BlueStacks’s installer. The app’s extraction might take about 1 to 2 minutes.

download BlueStacks Offline Installer

When the extraction is completed, click Next and you will move on to the next stage. Please note that once you click the Next button, you indicate that you agree on BlueStacks’s terms of license.

BlueStacks Offline Installer

Enter the address that you want BlueStacks to be installed at.

install BlueStacks Offline Installer

Click the Install button to start the app’s installation.

install BlueStacks Offline Installer

The whole process usually takes around 5 to 6 seconds.

install BlueStacks Offline Installer

Click Finish to wrap up the installation process.

install BlueStacks Offline Installer

Once BlueStacks’s main window opens, sign in by entering your Google account’s details to use the app.

install BlueStacks Offline Installer

Choose the language you want to use on BlueStacks.

install BlueStacks Offline Installer

Next is to sign in the account you provide.

install BlueStacks Offline Installer

Type your name as the app instructs.

install BlueStacks Offline Installer

Once the setup process is completed, the app will take you to a window where you can access Play Store and download games.

install BlueStacks Offline Installer

Download BlueStacks offline installer:


BlueStacks allows you to play all the Android games you want from the great convenience of your PC. The app can sync with any of your Android devices. You can install the app without an Internet connection with the link we provided.

However, there is one minor drawback of the app. It is unable to run with any virtualization platform such as Virtualbox or Hyper-V.

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