Top 5 Best Wireless Headphones for TV – Reviews (June 2018)




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Sennheiser RS 165

Extra-ordinary sound quality, stand-and-charger includedPretty high cost Check
Insignia NS-WHP314
Clear voice, batteries included in the pack, great priceA bit tricky to charge Check
Good price, acceptable sound quality compared to the cost, easy to use, long battery spanCannot use for low frequencies Check
AudioMX HG-21B
Snug-fit to your ears, multiple connectivity options, ergonomicMax volume is lower than expected. Check
Power Acoustik
Two headphones in the pack, incredible sound quality, RCA inputsAAA batteries required, no-so-stunning appearance Check


wireless headphones for TV

Enjoying movies and videos on TV will give you stunning visual experience. However, the sound quality is never a strength of the television, and letting it play all the time may bother your family members and neighbors, especially when you are living in a cramped apartment. You seek a pair of cordless headphones to get away from the troubles, but don’t know which ones are the best wireless headphones for TV in the sea of choices.

The post will give you the necessary knowledge on the stuff. You will find here the types of wireless headphones, features which a great one should have, and the full-length reviews of 05 top products rated by millions of customers. Read the whole article, because even if you don’t like any on the list, you may get something to base on while looking for new, fabulous headphones.

What is a Wireless Headphone for TV?

A “wireless headphone” is not a strange term anymore. First appeared a decade ago, now there are a lot of products with the same primary functions in the market. You can use them for your smartphones, computers, consoles, and now the TV. But, things are a bit different and more complicated when it comes to the last gadgets.

To look for the best wireless headphones for TV, you should consider the connections. There are two types of connection you often find, which are Digital or Analog. The Analog inputs are controlled by the transmitters and the headphones itself, rely on them instead of the volume control of the TV set. The Digital ones, on the contrary, fall back on the Coaxial Audio Jack, the Digital Optical Audio Jack, or the USB connection. Yes, newer TV models do have the USB ports for your convenience.

It’s not a secret that the digital inputs usually bring about higher sound quality than analog ones. There are some exceptions, though, but in the article, we won’t have chances to discuss. Moreover, you can expect a wireless headphone with digital connections to have more functionalities.

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Types of wireless headphones

People often classify the tech stuff depending on the kinds of signals they employ. There are three types, which are: Radio Frequency (RF), Bluetooth, and Infrared.

1. Radio Frequency

It’s often the trademark of wireless headphones with analog inputs. Radio frequency signals can reach 15m up to 100m, depending on the tech piece’s transmitter. RF signals allow you to fall back on lots of headphones. But there is a small demerit: the signals cannot be transmitted through thick walls and sometimes when you get too far away, you may hear an irritating hiss.

2. Bluetooth

The kind of signal is often seen in digital transmitters. As Bluetooth has become so prevalent in modern tech stuff, you will find the type of wireless headphones pretty. Even if your TV isn’t integrated with the technology, you can just get an adapter to get things done

3. Infrared

It’s the tech used in the production of your remote controls. Infrared light is an invisible light reaching the transmitter and then gets back to the headphones, this time carrying the audio data. The trouble here is you have to “clear the way” for the ray. Just like you can switch the channel when the remote doesn’t point directly at the TV, standing too far or behind an obstacles means you won’t receive any signal.

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What features are essential for the best wireless headphones for TV?

While looking for a decent product, it’s critical to know the essential characteristics it should have. It’s the same case for wireless headphones. Check out the four features and see if the one you are considering buying has all of them.

1. Voice Clarity

The voice output of a TV is nothing to compare with the one for a professional speaker. Find wireless headphones with the excellent voice clarity to improve the audible experience.

2. Battery Span

When the battery goes low, the performance will deteriorate. You should look for a pair of cordless of which the span is at least 20 hours. No one wants to stop enjoying the shows for charging.

3. Comfort

Often, people look for TV cordless headphones to enjoy movies and long shows. It will be a significant irritation if the tech piece you bought doesn’t fit with your head, and using it for a long time gives you nothing but pain and numbness.

4. Connectivity

As I have said before, products integrated with digital outputs have more advantages. However, you must choose a product that’s suitable for the connection options your TV may offer.

5. Extras

The four features above are the most essential. But, some side characteristics may attract customers. Of course, one with smart, brilliant look will be chosen over a dull, ugly product. Some people may prefer surround sound, but others can find it not their cup of tea.

Full-length best wireless headphones for TV reviews for 2018

5. Power Acoustik Farenheit HP-902 RFT – Two headphones in one pack

Power Acoustik Farenheit HP-902 RFT – Two headphones in one pack

Check price on Amazon

Type: Radio Frequency

Pros: Impressive sound clarity, two headphones included, RCA inputs

Cons: AAA batteries required, no-so-stunning appearance

If you want a smooth start to explore the world of wireless stuff, the Power Acoustik Farenheit HP-902 RFT is just right for you. With the not-so-threatening price, the quality it offers is hard to find in the sea of options. The most stunning thing to say is that when you choose the product, you will receive two pairs of headphones. What a price!

The Power Acoustik Farenheit HP-902 is featured with RF signals, which means you can connect to multiple headphones. Enjoying movies and TV shows with wireless headphones is not for only you anymore. Now, you can do it with your loved one in a romantic atmosphere, or your siblings in a quiet night when you guys don’t want to wake the neighbors up. Another good news? The transmitter even has two RCA inputs for you to utilize, which means sharing the sound with four pairs of headphones is possible.

As for the sound quality, don’t expect the pounding bass and spectacular highs from an under $100 product. However, the clarity is unexpectedly good compared to those of the same price range.

Indeed, there are downsides we can’t avoid since it’s a sub $100 tech stuff. Although it’s a comfortable pair of headphones, the built quality is reported as plasticky, and the look is cheap. Also, it can only function on AAA batteries, and the manufacturer doesn’t bother to include a pair into the pack. You can buy some your own. They are inexpensive, and choosing rechargeable ones even make them more economical.

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4. Sony MDRRF985RK– Comfort comes with multiple connectivity options.Sony MDRRF985RK

Check price on Amazon

Type: Radio Frequency

Pros: Snug-fit to your ears, multiple connectivity options, ergonomic

Cons: Max volume is lower than expected

Sony MDRRF985RK is another option for consumers with a tight budget. The brand Sony’s reputation over decades has said something about the quality of the headphones. You can use the product for your TV and other gadgets. There are two input options for you since Sony MDRRF985RK has an RF transmitter with RCA inputs and a 3.5mm connector.

Different from the Power Acoustik Farenheit HP-902, the Sony MDRRF985RK has its own pair of batteries included. Another convenient feature is that the transmitter also plays the role of a charging dock so you can lay the headphones on top of it to charge the device. What’s more, the battery life of the model is fantastic – it lasts 25 hours and you will need only 3.5 hours to fully charge the batteries again when they run out.

About the sound, the Sony MDRRF985RK has a neutral soundstage, which means it’s not the ideal wireless headphone for people seeking to enjoy boomy bass or low frequencies. Although picky consumers may not find the sound of Sony MDRRF985RK so enjoyable, the noise-filtering feature will persuade lots of people to open their wallet.

The pleather earcups, according to many users, fit our heads perfectly and give us comfort for as long as you please. However, they tend to block the air circulation, so you will have to take them out sometimes.

3. Insignia NS-WHP314 – Impressive voice clarity

Insignia NS-WHP314

Check price on Amazon

Type: Radio Frequency

Pros: Clear voice, batteries included in the pack, great price

Cons: A bit tricky to charge

Another economic option for you! The Insignia NS-WHP314 has its own rechargeable batteries, which means you will save much money.  The model weighs only a pound, so your head and shoulders are mostly free of pressure. The pleather earcups, just like those of the Sony MDRRF985RK, provides utmost comfort and cushioning. But, there’s always a but, you cannot wear the headphones all the time without feeling trapped.

What can I say about the designs? Smart it is. The volume adjuster is located on the right headphones, so you can just reach your ear to control it. The matte black appearance makes the model more modern and fashionable. Another great feature like the Sony MDRRF985RK is that the RCA inputs transmitter also works as a charging station.

The Insignia NS-WHP314’s voice clarity is the most brilliant characteristic of the product. It’s superb! Voice clarity is not the same as voice quality, so don’t expect awesome sound performance. If you are a frequent headphones user, you will figure the difference between a product with excellent voice clarity and one which doesn’t have the feature. The audible experience becomes much more enjoyable when you can hear correctly what the speaker’s telling.

The model would be perfect without the 2.4GHz frequency, which is often used by routers and other electronic devices. After some time using the Insignia NS-WHP314, you will go through some dropped signals. There is a solution to the problem, though. Nowadays, most routers are dual-band, which means you can change their current 2.4GHz frequency to 5GHz to avoid confliction.

Another downside of the Insignia NS-WHP314 is that it’s tricky to charge the headphones. You must place the piece of technology exactly where it needs to be. If you set it up wrong, the charging won’t start; and even if it does start, it will stop suddenly when you don’t know. There are consumers complaining about times when they pick the headphones up, prepare for a movie marathon, and realize there is no energy inside the device.

2. AudioMX HG-21B – Awesome quality compared to the cost

AudioMX HG-21B

Check price on Amazon

Type: Radio Frequency

Pros: Good price, acceptable sound quality compared to the cost, easy to use, long battery span

Cons: Max volume is lower than expected

It’s not right that paying some more bucks will give you the best wireless headphones for TV. Often, people believe that sub $100 ones cannot come with excellent sound quality. Well, it’s not the case for the AudioMX HG-21B. The model gives us nothing but satisfaction, especially when its price is some awesome that some of us may not believe it’s true.

It’s not uncommon that people may find the sound from their TV or other electronic devices leaks out while they are using headphones. It ruins the peaceful atmosphere you are trying to keep for the sake of others in the room/apartment. But, you won’t have to worry about the issue when it comes to the AudioMX HG-21B. Its particular closed-back design will keep the sound just inside the cans so you may be free to play music as loud as you want. (However, take pity on your ears!)

At the receiving, the box will give you an impression that you have bought the right thing. It doesn’t look cheap at all; everything is so pretty and fashionable. The package includes everything you need to make the wireless headphones run smoothly without any irritation. There is a charging-and-transmitter base, RCA and 3.5mm cables, and batteries. The leather earpads are also a lovely feature – they give our head the utmost comfort, no matter which sizes your heads are.

After opening the box, it’s recommended that you charge the batteries right away for 7 hours. It will lengthen the life of the batteries, although if you don’t do that, the battery life is good enough already. The AudioMX HG-21B uses the 2.4GHz frequency and the wireless range up to 30 meters (about 99 feet). To make sure there won’t be sound confliction due to

Regarding wireless range, the AudioMX HG-21B makes use of the 2.4GHz wireless frequency, and it has a range of up to 30 meters (99 feet). To avoid problems with the frequency, make sure to change your router’s frequency to 5GHz. The only remarkable downside of the model is the max volume. It’s lower than I expect, so if you are living in a noisy environment, the audible experience can’t be awesome.

1. Sennheiser RS 165 – Spectacular sound quality

Sennheiser RS 165

Check price on Amazon

Type: Radio Frequency

Pros: Extra-ordinary sound quality, stand-and-charger included

Cons: High cost

You may rest assured when hearing the brand name Sennheiser. The German company has built its reputation on great products whose quality proved by positive feedback from customers around the world. The Sennheiser RS 165 is one of those, and you will never regret making the purchase.

Although the model also makes use of RF signals, there are a few distinctions that make the model outstanding. The RS 165 runs on two AA batteries tucked inside the headphones. The battery life is impressive, too. For the first time charging, you will need 16 hours. The subsequent times take about 8 hours.

The Sennheiser RS 165 has most of the bright sides the four recommendations above have. However, the sound performance is unique, cannot-be-compared. It’s exactly what we expect while looking for the best wireless headphones for TV. If you are a picky buyer who is seeking a perfect product that can bring about stunning bass, mids, and highs, the Sennheiser RS 165 is everything you need.

The only downside of the product is the high cost, but we all know that it’s an unavoidable problem of great options.


There’s no doubt that wireless headphones for TV are miracles happening in our modern days, which saves us from lots of troubles and gives us peace and privacy. People who love watching TV late at night and don’t want to disturb their neighbors will undoubtedly choose a (few) pairs of these cordless devices. It’s high time to get rid of the troublesome cables and wire. Signals are the future of humanity’s convenience.

A top pair of wireless headphones can come with various prices, builds, and typical features. The right one for you is still somewhere in the market, but I hope the article may give you some reliable suggestions and knowledge for purchasing. Stay tuned for our next post on technology and our life.

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