Top Best Songs To Test Headphones And How To Choose Them

Top Best Songs To Test Headphones And How To Choose Them

Here are the top best songs to test headphones. With these songs, you will experience all levels of music and also try the headphone function simultaneously.

You’re curious to experience your headphones’ performance ability but don’t know how to test it properly? You’re on the right track. We will offer you some best songs to test headphones sound quality.

The songs we recommend to you are appreciated by the majority of audiophiles who truly know the best headphone sounds.

Everything will be revealed right now! Keep your eyes on the ball!

 Best Songs To Test Headphones
Choose the specific song to test your headphone’s feature

Why Choosing Songs To Test Headphones Is Important?

To explain this problem, we have four answers that may satisfy your guy.

To find out whether your headphone has the feature you want or not

Based on user expectations, the specifications of the headphones vary widely between markets. Choosing an earpiece that meets your needs is just the tip of the iceberg. How it actually works after purchasing it is the matter that counts.

So, testing it with some particular songs will help you find out if your needs in your headphones exist or not.

To find out the disadvantages of your headphones in the sounding quality

Some cons of your headphones will be revealed by these songs as they mainly will check the headphone’s bass extension, treble extension, maximum volume, and so on.

Are there any unpleasant surprises awaiting you while experiencing your headphones?

Some of your favorite songs may have a higher bass level than the headphone supplies. Then, your experience may become completely sucky from the crackling noise. Sounds annoying, right?

Hence, to avoid this kind of trouble, testing it with particular songs is highly recommended. This will be the best way to foresee the unexpected problems that would come and how to fix them early.

Top 9 Best Songs To Test Headphones

Radiohead — The National Anthem: checking the general balance

The harmony of the acoustic instruments and electric rhythm is the highlight of The National Anthem. This song is the best option to test the overall balance of your headphones. With it, every musical instrument becomes a union.

Radiohead — The National Anthem: checking the general balance
The National Anthem is well-known in the audiophile community

General balance is the feature combining several following effects: There is the high bass level, up and down treble range, various sounding levels, and so on in one song.

With The National Anthem, you are able to be aware of separately one-by-one effects, which is also the perfect mix-and-match of Radiohead. If your headphones can do this job, you can be completely assured about it.

Darkside – Paper Trails: Song for testing bass extension

Bass is from the vibration of objects with lower density. You can readily know how strong the bass is when you hear the kick drum.

To specify, drums having a larger membrane would vibrate relatively slowly when hit. The high-range of headphones will make your heart intensely beat when you hear the drum kick.

This song mainly uses the guitar, basses, and other instruments to flow its melody. You will feel your heart beating along the clarity of the bass. From our point of view, this is the best song to test the bass extension of your headphones.

Songs that have a strong bass is the thrilling game of the performer to your sounding experience.

Max Roach — Lonesome Lover: Song for testing treble extension

Lonesome Lover is a typical jazz song combined with several high-frequency musical instruments, making this song lightrẻ and clearer than usual. Although the piano conducts the mid-frequency sound, it exists to balance all the rhythms of the tunes.

The high-frequency sound appears as a background rhythm for the song. It aims to avoid the annoying feeling for audiences if they listen to the high-frequency for too long. All of it blends together and creates the best song to test the treble quality of your headphones.

At the moment of 0:00-0:08 and 3:00-3:12, the song will clearly perform what you are looking for in this feature: the treble extension.

Havergal Brian – Symphony No1 in D Minor (The Gothic): Song for testing level of details

Symphony No.1 in D Minor reminds you of fairy tales about an ancient kingdom. Every movement of the melody was from the bottom to on the rise, which drives you to its peak and trough of a story.

Hence, this song is ideal for testing the sound level because of its rhythms and melody movement. Musical notes are suddenly dancing from the low to the high pitch without making it intricate.

Your headphones will reveal some pros and cons of the sound level performance while playing this song.

Johnny Cash — Hurt: Song for testing space

It is a blend of harmonics between instruments that makes the song colorful without being confusing. At the riff of Hurt, you can clearly hear the separated sound of two different guitars, also the beautiful piano sound in the middle space.

Johnny Cash- Hurt Song for testing space
Anyway, Hurt is a worthy song to listen to.

Everything seems to roll into one, but you can hear it separately if you really focus. This effect includes the multiple layers of instruments that make you goosebumps of feeling the space.

You may see the space performance obviously from 0:55 to 1:21 of this song.

John Williams — A Life in Music (Star Wars Theme): Song for dynamic range

Dynamics means the level of intensity/loudness of a performance. The high dynamic range gives you a more large-scale spectrum of volume and vice versa.

With this song, you will experience all the levels of dynamics. But what makes this song distinct is at the point of chiasma of two settings is as blood compatible.

The high intensity at the moment of 1:45, which means the loud sounds are louder and quiet are quieter. It is also called the theater setting.

At 1:28 of A Life Of Music, you may obviously feel the low vibration through your headphones. We can call it the night setting in which the quiet sound becomes bigger and bigger.

Ólafur Arnalds – Ljósi∂: Song for subtlety

Time for testing the epic song! With Ljósi∂, you will experience the music note dancing through your ears. This feature may help you relax after a long day of work and drive your mind to peace.

The drift of melody smoothly and harmoniously flows from low to high pitch, from loud to soft, from fast to slow. These effects usually play in the theater with romantic and musical play. It aims to lift the audiences’ mood up and down as the film does.

Also, classical music audiophiles are really into this specialty because it makes them feel the music more intensely than other effects. Here is why we call it the epic feature.

Joe Goddard – Lose Your Love: Song for test excitement, enthusiasm, and drive

The excitement and drive will make your body subconsciously dance. This test is significant for people loving to listen to fascinating and motivational music.

Lose Your Love is a song combining compliantly various musical instruments and an electric melody. Good headphones will drive you to the feeling of motivation and enthusiasm running through your vein. And what’s to make that experience happen? It’s the ability to perform the beat dropping of your headphones.

Joe Gaddard- Lose Your love: Song for test excitement, enthusiasm, and drive
The beat drop will make you completely exited

Lose Your Love has thousands of the beat dropping to test your headphones continually along with the song. This feature of the equipment will soon be revealed just in 6 minutes and 28 seconds.

Enya — Orinoco Flow: Song for testing the high, mid, and low pitch

This list can never finish without a song by Enya. Every of her tunes always has completely three elements that make up the best harmony: The marimbas of the high, the vocal for the middle, and the string instrument of the low pitch.

You can effortlessly divide three of them into small pieces and harmonize them as the perfect song. Orinoco Flow should have been an anthem rated by audiophiles by lifting your mood up to the peak and dropping your mode to the trough.

Although her vocal is a middle pitch, she can make you goosebump continually if you experience Orinoco Flow with a high-end headphone.

When do you know this feature exists? It’s about 0:16-0:32 and 1:49-2:05 of this song.

The Last Word

These are the best songs to test headphones sound quality that you can search them on the Internet. Don’t worry that you’re not an audiophile to check your headphones.

You will know more about the bass level, the maximum volume, and so on. And after reading this article, it’s effortless to do that.

Don’t hesitate to check your headphones now. If you have any questions about this test, feel free to leave a comment below. We will reply as soon as possible to assist you.


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