Top 6 Best iPhone Launchers For Android 2020


It is clear to see that Android has created many choices for customers, which means that you can pick one from great numbers of android producers to help you change the interface continuously. In case the launcher does not satisfy you, you will be suggested to install few custom ROMs with a view to changing the OS skin.

However, if you love technology, you will know that ROMS is not popular with users anymore. The reason lies behind this fact that we take control of customizing more than before. But now, you can experience iPhone launchers with full of theiOS user interface, icon packs and transitionslas you are using an iPhone.

That is not the end of the story; you can also install apps of iPhone on Android, however, maybe sometimes you have to face the problem that they do not work effectively. So now, let’s figure out some information about the Best iPhone Launchers For Android 2019 for your smartphone 2019.

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Espier Launcher

Along with the iPhone,launcher is Espier launcher, which can be easily found in the Android mart. It can replace the home screen app. Thus it helps your smartphone become more appealing, smoother and especially lag-free.

Espier launcher is a combination of the iOS which is old-fashioned with a completely new one. Hence, you can feel pleased while using it. In addition, you can freely use thewidget, and more surprisingly, you can own eight widgets. However, you are guaranteed that your Android phone will not get slower.

Espier launcher has two types: i6 and i7, but I think that i7 is much better. Thanks to this launcher, you get the feeling of using a real iPhone without worrying about something missed. What’s more, you can change the layout and icon size. Thus your smartphone appearance will look more appealing. The advance in design facilitates you to re-design your app drawers and adjust for your personal trait.

To summarise, UI is suitable for your Android smartphone and considered one of the top IOS Launcher For Android in the current market.

ios launcher for android


iOS 10 Launcher

It’s a quite simple but attracting iOS launcher on your android-system smartphone. In reality, when installing this app, your smartphone is equipped with Apple icons. However, the shortage of customizability prevents it from being the favorite choice.

A great number of iOS icons are substituted for the system icons; thus, it becomes much better. A plus point that made me amazed is the system of the unread count in the messaging app, which is really awesome. Unluckily, it is just available for the messages that you can’t adjust anything!

If the makers of this system try to add more and more customizability choices, there is a certain that it becomes a potential tool which is labeled the best one ever. Nevertheless, the advertisements on the screen are quite annoying; hence, the developers should consider the input source in order to make it a competitive launcher.


One Launcher

One launcher is one of many hands down launchers I suggest for the smartphones using Android. Its strong point is that it aids the Android in improving icon packs, the transition effects of iOS and some system icons.

I love iOS launchers because all the apps icons are puton home screen, which saves time for you to look for apps. Also, most apps are classified into many groups so that your screen is easier to look and becomes cleaner.

Another strong point is that it has gesture support and unread count, you shouldgive permission on later versions and the Android Marshmallow. You might have a new look with your mobile phones thanks to some new themes.

However, nothing is perfect, and One launcher has troubles with the customization area as it does not provide you with many options. Additionally, it does not have tweaking options. Nonetheless, you are able to turn on or turn off some features in terms of newsstand and unread count. Lastly, one launcher helps you to experience the feeling of using iOS ecosystem.

iPhone Launchers For Android


Launcher for iOS 10

OS10 Launcher for phone app is an awesome and powerful tool for those who are fans of Android system. In fact, it provides you with the real experiences of the iOS system on your own smartphone without cost.

The Apple icons are substituted for the system ones. Though some apps do not have this system, they are specially designedin order to be suitable for the style of iOS system. It can be said that it is a perfect app in every aspect, from the way the app open to the transitions.

As for me, the most wonderful and favorite part of this app is the choices to customize whatever you want. You can modify the vertical and horizontal app counts, colors, size of app icon, name size and many other aspects.

In addition, you can have a chance to have the real feeling of using iPhone on your own Android phone by downloading the 6+ Launcher as well as many others. Moreover, by using this great iPhone launcher, it helps to clone all of the content from source Android device to Apple device.

Also, it is equipped with a weather app, what you only need to do is to add the name of your city, and you will get a weather widget like that of Apple on your Android. However, if you do not like this stuff, there are also clock widgets.


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iPhone 7 Launcher

iPhone 7 Launcher is considered as another iOS launcher specially designed for Android. This tool helps you to easily get the lock screen of the iPhone on any kind of smartphone. However, it still has some disadvantages. For example, the iPhone lock screen can be just activated after your device is actually unlocked. No worry, there is another solution for you. You can search for many different lock screen apps in order to experience more.

Additionally, the UI appears to be promising. Although there is anything fancy, it helps the job run smoothly without worrying about any customization choices. Except for some sponsored posts as well as ads, everything seems awesome.

launcher for iphone 7



ILauncher becomes outstanding among many launchers owing to its user interface similar to Apple iOS and some powerful customization options. Every app of your phone is put on home screen like what we see on iPhone screen. If you do not satisfy with apps, you can switch back at your disposal.

You are able to freely download and install icons from the play store, which makes your phone look attractive. Gestures, transition effects are not free for all, but I think they are enough for your normal use. The Google Now Integration acts like Siri for Android, which is a strength for this launcher. As you know, the unread badge count is eye-catching in iOS, however, when it comes to Android, it requires you to pay money to purchase.

Smooth infinite scrolling, as well as delicate animations, assists you to crawl your phone screen without lag. In order to edit and relocate the icons, you must long tap on them. Let’s me show you how to create a new folder. You have to drag and drop an icon over another icon and then name it.  Drag your screen down to see many features and search menu.

ios launcher for android


Wrapping Up

The aforementioned iPhone Launcher just gives the shocking iOS launcher that users interact with Android; however, these iOS launchers do not come with many results as you expected. Although there is the fact that you can totally run these iOS apps smoothly on your own Android phone, it is always in the same status of beta mode and may not work well in many situations.

In fact, there are countless apps that you can download easily such as iOS 9 launchers, launchers for iOS 10, etc. These apps help to give the respective wallpapers and UI changes. It is better for you to download a full version of the iPhone launcher. With best iPhone Launchers For Android 2019 mentioned in this article, hope you guys can find some distinctive iOS launchers for your own Android. If you find this article useful, please share it with your relatives and friends.

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