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Best Hotel Booking Apps in India

August 27, 2022
Edward Tashihira Edward Tashihira
Best Hotel Booking Apps in India


After a long time working or studying, taking some breaks knocks on the door. You would probably be desperately seeking hotel booking apps that will offer you the best prices. A large number of hotels in India can leave you in dilemma about choosing one of them.

Best Hotel Booking Apps in India

Before you are able to decide which hotel you should stay, you would want to consider a lot of factors such as amenities, distance from the important or amusing places, distances from the airport or the railways, safety for your family and companions, offers such as complimentary breakfast and the rating of the hotel, and others.

The following hotel booking apps can be able to help you by making this simpler. When you employ a hotel booking app, you can compare the hotels and then take the decision. Here are the top 10 apps that can help you in planning your upcoming holidays.

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1. MakeMyTrip

When it comes to planning a holiday, MakeMyTrip, the oldest app in the market, has revolutionized the way of booking the tickets for traveling and sorting the stay of the customers. The prices could be the cheapest or most expensive depending on the preference of the customers. Not only does the app help the user to book the hotels, it can also help with booking the tickets for the railways or the airways.

At the moment this useful app both assists you in booking the tickets and the hotels and there are live deals running all days of the week which are up for the grabs as well. All you need to do is download an app, search for the hotels, then enter the coupon codes. There you are set to go.

2. GoIbibo

Among many portals, this is one of the biggest of online booking with a number of features such as booking the hotels, hostels, camps, as well as with the booking of tickets to travel to the destination of your choice through the railways or the airways.

There is a distinctive characteristic that is used by the company named goStay. When a specific hotel is certified as goStay, its fares can go as low as INR 999 per day. Moreover, the company also offers a full refund if you find the hotel inconvenient enough. Also, the app also provides you with the best deals for the hotels by the discount and the offer coupons offered. You can easily find this information on the main page of the app.


In comparison with other booking apps, these are the giants of hotel booking and the trip planning market. The company is able to offer not only hotel booking but the tickets booking for the places all across the globe as well. You can avail huge discounts, nationally and internationally, on the booking of the tickets for airways, railways or the roadways. You can also avail massive discounts and a number of offers on hotel booking too.


It is absolutely convenient for you to pick up the hotel because there are huge numbers of people giving reviews or feedbacks of the hotels on the app. You should not really go by the weird name that they have and instead look on the brighter side of the app.

As a customer, you can ask for assistance which is available anywhere at any time. Not only that, even the language barrier is removed. If you do not speak English or find not very confident to speak this language, you can talk to the assistants in 15 different languages. They are friendly and professional. The rates of the hotels and discounts and offers can be availed by entering the Agoda Promo codes.

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5. Expedia

In spite of the fact that Expedia has not gained much popularity due to their lack of marketing, the satisfied customer base proves that it has a probability which can be given an opportunity. This amazing app offers a large selection of hotels, camps, hostels, and resorts depending on the place where you would like to travel too.

You can also filter the hotels if you want to live in a particular area of need specific amenities without any compromise. Furthermore, you can avail huge discounts and offers by using the coupon codes.

6. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor India has flourished in the past couple of years. TripAdvisor is famous for not only having the reviews about the distinctive destinations but also for being able to assist you to plan an itinerary ahead based on the interest. You can opt for the tour packages or go on a personal trip. What is more, TripAdvisor offers competitive rates and good communication with the hotel as well as the customer care in case of any queries or grievances.

7. Ixigo

Should you be wondering which hotel you want to stay, Ixigo is the best choice. In this big marketplace, you are able to compare the distinguished offers that are being given out by the different hotels in the destination you are planning to visit. If you still hesitation, you can also see the amenities offered, luxury rating, comfort, reviews, and photographs put by the previous customers and then make a decision based on the best deal that you are being given.

8. OYO Rooms

Similar to MakeMyTrip (mentioned above), OYO Rooms have created a significant changes simplification in the stay of the customers. OYO Rooms are available across more than two hundred big and small cities in India and offer affordable accommodation.

Should you desire to enjoy a trip with your partner or spouse, another vital feature of the OYO Rooms is perfect to satisfy you. It is extremely friendly with the couples because you can get interesting offers or deals when you are with the companion(s). You can check for OYO Rooms in the neighborhood that you are living in, check the pictures, amenities and the rates and confirm your booking.

9. Yatra

Despite the fact that this app is not much popular because of the unfriendly user interface, the deals offered by the app are undeniably good. The hotels from about more than one thousand cities in India have collaborated with the app and thus, you can have a large selection based on the different criteria. Yatra is India’s largest portal with over 61,000 hotels who have contracted with them. With the Yatra coupons and vouchers, you can avail good discounts and offers on the hotel deals.

10. Trivago

Trivago has also gained the fame in the recent years. This is due to the excellent search engine it offers to the customers. All you need to do is, enter the name of the city you wish to travel to and you will get the list of the hotels and the deals.

The app can compare the data from over 1.8 million hotels and more than 400 booking sites. After the comparison, you can also avail certain discounts from the coupon codes and the gift cards.

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