Are You A Musician? Note Down These SoundCloud Tips

Are You A Musician? Note Down These SoundCloud Tips

SoundCloud has built an impeccable reputation of being a platform where careers are launched. Many successful musicians laud this platform for finding their first audience. If you are an artist interested in creating music, you can use SoundCloud as a testing platform and see how your tracks appeal to the listeners. You can also get inspiration from the massive collection of tracks on this platform to find your genre. You can get music from SoundCloud and listen to them in MP3 to strengthen your sense of musicality.

But unfortunately, there are over 20 million music creators existing on this platform. Therefore, cutting through this competition will be a daunting task. Are you up for it?

Do your best in creating and editing your music. Next, upload the finished track on your SoundCloud account and then follow these strategies to get your music heard.

Are You A Musician? Note Down These SoundCloud Tips

Utilize the Existing Audiences to Promote Your Music

This may seem confusing, but this is true. You can rely on people who are already better at marketing music. Therefore, you can use these people to your advantage.

On SoundCloud, you must find channels that can share your tracks with a broader audience. This may come in the form of labels/collectives, repost channels, promotional channels, playlisters, and repost channels.

Also, it would be best to ignore the offsite audiences. Instead, it would be best to utilize hype machines, Spotify playlists, blogs, radio stations, and influencers. The important point here is to look for channels that are the perfect fit for your music.

However, you must not message everyone with a lot of followers. You must look for the specific kind of audience that shares the music you are making or promoting. It would be best to go through the previous shares or uploads of the audience to make an informed decision. Then, send the music to them and ask them to promote it.

Sync Your Social Media Accounts

If your social media strategy is coordinated and cohesive, your music will perform better on SoundCloud. In addition, as you sync your social media accounts, there will be a spillover effect, which will help you build an audience.

What you can do is upload your music on SoundCloud and then release the videos on YouTube. You can also create your visual brand on Instagram and get up close and personal with your fans on Facebook. If you find a new listener on any of the platforms, it is highly likely that they will follow you on other platforms as well.

Collaborate With Other Artists

One of the primary aspects that drive the music industry is collaboration. You can collaborate with other artists if you are an amateur singer trying to make your mark in the industry.

Features will let you exchange audiences, and your music will be introduced to new people.

Collaboration can happen in various ways. For instance, if you are producing music yourself, giving the track away for free or selling some of your beats to new or seasoned rappers on SoundCloud may be a good idea. First, however, you must ensure that your sound works well with its flow.

Even if you are not a producer, you can still opt for the song features option. Song features are known for their promotional effect and can help you get the exposure you need to become a successful artist.

Don’t miss Out on Using Tags!

Tags can help your music reach the right audience. It can also make it easier for your target audience to find your tracks. Sticking to the main genre and using tags as precisely and accurately as possible would be best.

Pay Attention to Album or Cover Art

You must focus on creating an attractive album or cover art so that people are instantly drawn to your tracks. When you share the tracks on SoundCloud, you must ensure your album cover is visible. Moreover, you must share the track through stories, messages, etc.

Tinker with SoundCloud Settings

You can change some SoundCloud settings to augment listenership and drive traffic to your SoundCloud account.

First, set your content to stream only, as this will limit the virality of your music. Your listeners will be blocked from downloading the tracks. Also, they won’t be able to re-upload them across the Internet. On the upside, your stream counts will go up.

Second, put some of the content behind your paywall. It is a common practice to have your b-sides and singles freely available on the platform. This will put your long-form releases in preview mode and push fans to the other platforms.

Final Thoughts

If you are a musician and want to promote your music on the SoundCloud platform, you can follow these tips. This will help you get your tracks out and reach out to your audience. You can also use other social media platforms to boost the listenership of your tracks.

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