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How to download Acestream for Mac

April 4, 2022
Edward Tashihira Edward Tashihira
Acestream for mac


Acestream Media (or Torrent Stream) is a software that is quite similar to SopCast and is also one of the favorite tools to watch movies, listen to music and watch online football. In fact, Ace Stream Media is a music player that uses the BitTorrent protocol for watching videos and streaming HD TV.

Acestream is free software that allows users to watch live football all over the world. This is an application that many people use to watch the top matches. So how does acestream install? Please find out below.

What is Acestream?

This is software that many people appreciate and is trusted by many users. Ace Stream Media is a VLC-based music player with support for BitTorrent protocol for watching videos and streaming HD TV. This software is especially loved by football fans because it supports watching football online very well. In addition to listening to music watching movies on your computer, you can be assured by the free sound quality of the picture and also bring great entertainment experiences at home with just your computer.

It is increasingly being used by many people thanks to the development of video sharing sites such as YouTube or Twitch and the need to share TV shows, skills, and gaming experiences. You can watch videos, movies with vivid sound images thanks to the provision of high-quality video streams directly from this software. In addition, users also enjoy listening to music with excellent quality sound than ever before.

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The composition of Torrent Stream

  • TS Engine: share images via the P2P protocol
  • TS Player: watch videos without downloading.
  • TS P2P Multimedia Plug-in – plug-in for the browser: use all functions Torrent Stream right on the browser such as google chrome, firefox.
  • Magic Player: helps browsers like Firefox, Chrome uses Torrent Stream good image quality.
Acestream for Mac
Acestream is the software with the most useful utilities more than that, it is also completely free software to support maximum users.

The superior features of Ace Stream software

In addition to downloading acestream to watch online football with top-notch matches, users can use it as a tool to effectively support watching good movies, funny videos or music tracks. hot in a relaxed way without worrying about interruptions or images, sound errors. Possessing features such as fast processing speed, additional flexibility is using the best data transfer technology. Therefore it has high stability and compatibility. Plus the intuitive interface, Support users with a maximum variety of language richness in functionality.

Wishing to bring users the most satisfaction, this software can play various audio and video formats without problems, including MP3, AVI, WAV, DVD, FLV, and FLAC, without the need to install the codec. Ace Stream is constantly improving the technology to help optimize the best possible. Playback performance is rated as excellent and outstanding image quality.

In addition, Ace Stream software is capable of capturing video from various sources, synchronizing audio and subtitles to give users the most realistic and vivid feeling. In addition, you can add icons, watermarks, and capture screenshots at will while using them to serve your interests and needs. Moreover, it can convert files with Different formats and recover broken videos.

Acestream is not only one of the software to support online football viewing useful for users, but it is also the second SopCast software, with unique and useful features that impress strongly on video processing ability, works stable, easy to use … Bring true feeling, perfect, great for you.

How to download Acestream to see the match on Mac

1. At first, you need to Download Acestream for Mac by the link here.

2.When the file has been downloaded and then you have to move it to your /Applications Folder.

Acestream for mac

Now, the first time you run it, you will want to right- click it and click Open. Once it ‘s working, you will see this.

Acestream for mac

3.In this step, you continue to go football streaming website and select the match that you like watching. Now it’s time to find your Acestream ID. It’s a big long string of charaters. Copy this string and flip back to Acestream app.

Acestream for mac

4.In the player’s main screen, you select the option which called “OpenAceStream content ID“.

Acestream for mac

5.And you will see a box, next step you need to paste the Acestreams link and tap “Play”

6.When you have finished, the channel will start to play. In the beginning, it may be a bit buffer. But it is normal. You need to wait for or try another alternative.

7.Acestreams on MacOS is ready to use.

Here’s a video guide on youtube:

We hope that the tutorial has been useful for you with watching Acestream for mac in 2022.

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