Top 10 best 720×1280 HD Jesus wallpapers for your PC

720x1280 HD Jesus wallpapers

“720×1280 HD Jesus wallpapers” is always among the most searched terms on Google. Everyone who is Catholic or Christian wants to express their faith in Jesus Christ. Changing the background picture on your PC or mobile phone is one of many meaningful ways that allow you to follow the guiding light of Jesus in your daily life activities. Below we have listed the top 10 best Jesus wallpapers in high-definition that you can choose from.

720×1280 HD Jesus wallpapers on WallpaperCave

Once you have entered the website, you can click on the search bar and simply type “Jesus Christ”. The related results will appear after a few seconds and they’re grouped in different categories. Such as Jesus  Christ Vs Satan, Jesus Christmas Desktop, Jesus Christ HD Android, Jesus Christ Aesthetic… Under each category is the current number of the available wallpapers.

When you have found the picture that fits your personal interest, simply click on it and you’ll be navigated to the downloading page. Here you can choose “Download Wallpaper” and wait a few seconds for the wallpaper to be saved to your device.

720x1280 HD Jesus wallpapers

A background picture of Jesus Christ on WallpaperCave

Jesus Christ background – WallpaperSafari

Another option when you’re looking for free wallpaper websites is WallpaperSafari. Here you will find tons of beautiful and high-definition pictures in various genres. And just like most of the sites, WallpaperSafari also provides you with a convenient search bar so you can type whatever you want to find in it.

Jesus wallpapers on this website are carefully selected and they fit your desktop screen perfectly. There’s a wide variety of sizes for you to consider, so feel free to choose whichever picture that looks great on your device.

720x1280 HD Jesus wallpapers

Beautiful HD Jesus wallpaper for desktop screen

Jesus PC Backgrounds on is also a good source of free wallpapers and desktop backgrounds. The pictures here are usually available in high quality and various sizes for all types of screens. And most important of all, they’re 100% free to download!

To obtain the most accurate background that fits your device, on the result page you can click on the “Refine” button. Here you can filter out the irrelevant pictures and only keep the ones that actually fit your need.

720x1280 HD Jesus wallpapers

Crucified Jesus Christ wallpaper for your desktop screen

Wallpaper Abyss – A collection of best 720×1280 HD Jesus wallpapers

Struggling to find the perfect Jessus Christ background images for your device? Then Wallpaper Abyss is definitely the website you don’t want to miss. This site is the home to nearly 100.000 wallpapers and backgrounds of all kinds for your tablet, laptop, mobile phone or PC.

Wallpaper Abyss also offers its users various ways to download the pictures. You can choose to save the original version or the cropped version of the pictures. Furthermore, the wallpapers can be downloaded in numerous resolutions such as 1440×900, 1600×900, 1920×1080…

720x1280 HD Jesus wallpapers

A wallpaper of the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Desktop images of Jesus Christ on HipWallpaper

If you still haven’t made up your mind on which Jesus Christ wallpaper you want to choose, then why not check out HipWallpaper for more suggestions? This website is a great choice for those who are searching for free and high-quality pictures.

However, there aren’t many search results regarding Jesus Christ desktop background on HipWallpaper, so you might be a little disappointed.

720x1280 HD Jesus wallpapers
Jesus Christ, The Lord Desktop Background

High-definition of Jesus Christ background image for your computer

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Hundreds of wallpapers are curated everyday on That’s why this website is considered not to be missed for those who want to personalize their smart devices. Simply enter the keyword “Jesus” on the search bar and countless wallpaper designs will appear. The backgrounds can be found in different sizes to fit your tablet, iPhone, Android phone, laptop or PC.

720x1280 HD Jesus wallpapers

720×1280 HD Jesus wallpapers for your iPhone or Android phone

High-quality images of Jesus on Wallpapers Wide

Finding the right background pictures you want on Google is tiring sometimes. That’s why it is always a good idea to refer to websites that are exclusively made for downloading wallpapers & backgrounds. And Wallpapers Wide is one the sites that should be on your list.

This website is smart as it allows you to filter the categories by the ratio of your device screen. Moreover, there’s also a wide range of sizes available for each image that match various devices. Simply click on the image size that you want and the wallpaper will be downloaded automatically.

720x1280 HD Jesus wallpapers

An UltraHD picture of Jesus Returns to Earth on

Pinterest – Jesus Christ pictures from various sources

Pinterest is a famous website that provides you with a wide collection of pictures on different topics curated from various sources. Here you can find inspirations for your projects or artworks. The Jesus Christ pictures on Pinterest seem countless and it may take a whole day to browse all the images.

Nevertheless, the downside about this website is that the pictures are just suggestions from other websites. You might have to visit the original website to download the picture with the highest quality.

720x1280 HD Jesus wallpapers

High-quality image of Jesus Christ on Pinterest

Jesus Christ high-definition background images on Pexels

You might have heard about Pexels – a provider of stock videos and photos that you can use for free. The brand was founded in 2014 and headquartered in Germany. Pexels’ library provides more than 3.2 millions of free stock photography and footage. If you want, you can always donate to the website to show your appreciation for their work.

720x1280 HD Jesus wallpapers

Free background picture of Jesus Christ on Pexels

Wallhaven – Library of Jesus Christ wallpapers

Wallhaven is one of the most trusted websites when it comes to providing high-quality wallpapers for PC and other devices. This site has a huge collection of background pictures with regard to Jesus Christ themes.

720x1280 HD Jesus wallpapers

Find tons of Jesus Christ pictures on Wallhaven

Above are some of the best 720×1280 HD Jesus wallpapers on different wallpaper websites. With these sites, you won’t have to waste time surfing Google for long hours and not finding the exact image size or theme you want. Hopefully you will like the new background picture and don’t forget to visit our website for more useful information!


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