2Flash APK for Android: Free download and instructions 2023

2Flash APK for Android

2Flash APK is a great torch application with tons of useful features. Many Android phones don’t have a default torch app available and you usually have to access the Camera app in order to turn on the flashlight. On the other hand, most smartphones only allow you to use the back flashlight, which makes it difficult when you’re trying to take a selfie. No worries! This 2Flash app is here to solve these problems for you.

What problems does 2Flash APK solve?

Not every Android device has a flashlight application by default. That’s why sometimes you need to download a third-party app from Google Play Store or other reliable APK hosting websites. And 2Flash is among the best torch apps that you can find nowadays. It’s highly compatible and supports multiple devices. Moreover, the app lets its users activate or deactivate the flashlight on their tablets/smartphones with just a few taps.

Another issue that cellphone users have to deal with is that the default flashlight feature only works with the rear LED flash. 2Flash allows the entire screen of your device to act as the front flashlight. This way you can easily video call or take pictures with no light at all and still maintain the clarity of your face.

2Flash APK for Android
2Flash lets you activate or deactivate the flashlight on their tablets/smartphones with just a few taps

2Flash APK best features

  • Compatible with all Android phones and tablets
  • Works well with both flashlights in the front and at the back of the device
  • Allows you to turn on the front or back LED lights quickly and easily
  • One of the most easy-to-use, lightweight and intuitive torch apps for Android you can find
  • Allows you to take good selfies in weak light condition or dark environments without any problem
  • Makes it possible to make video calls with dim light or total dark condition while maintaining the image clear to see
  • Works perfectly with any video call or camera app
  • Functions as a torch anytime you make video call or take pictures
  • Illuminate your face or the environment around you
  • This app is a LED Hardware Trigger and it doesn’t come with a white Display for Brightness

Requirements to use 2Flash APK

Before you begin to download the app, there are a few requirements that you need to consider:

  • The app works best for Android devices that come with both front and rear LED flash
  • Your device must be on Android 5.0 or later versions
  • Supporting mobiles: Sony Xperia, Motorola Moto X Pure, Samsung Galaxy J5/J7, Asus ZenFone, Lenovo Vibe S1, HTC Desire Eye M910X, BLU Selfie US GSM… and other Android devices that have a front flashlight available.

2Flash APK – Download and Install instructions

Some people struggle to download and install the 2Flash app from Google Play Store. This issue will be fixed when you download the APK of the app and install it manually.

Allow Unknown Apps

Step 1: Open your Android device and go to the Settings app. Then scroll down and select “Apps & Notifications”.

Step 2: Tap on “App Permissions” and then choose “Install Unknown Apps”.

Step 3: If you want Google Chrome to allow installation of unknown apps, tap on “Google Chrome”. Then activate “Allow from this source” and return to the Home screen.

2Flash APK for Android
How to allow installation of unknown apps on Google Chrome

Download 2Flash APK file

The most important thing you need to remember before downloading any APK file is to find an accredited and trusted source. Never download anything from suspicious websites. Because this contains a high risk of exposing your device to hackers. You can either download the APK file from the link we provide below, Google Play Store or the developer’s website.

Step 1: Tap on the link to visit the 2Flash download website. This will open a Google Chrome window on your device.

Step 2: On the website, select “Download APK (547 KB)” and the downloading process will begin automatically.

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Install 2Flash app

Step 1: Once the APK file is successfully downloaded to your device, open Google Chrome and navigate to the Downloads section.

Step 2: Tap “OK” on the pop-ups that may appear or continue if no restrictions show up on your screen. Tap on “Install” and wait until the installation process completes. Be careful not to close the Chrome window as it might cancel the process. It only takes about 30 – 60 seconds for the app to finish installing.

Step 3: When all the required files for the app have been installed, you’ll be provided with 2 options: “Done” or “Open”.

What are the pros and cons of 2Flash APK?


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface that anyone can interact with
  • Provides tons of useful features
  • 100% Free to download and use with no ads
  • There are no restrictions when experiencing the app
  • 2Flash is super lightweight, it’s only about 500KB in size, which helps you save your device’s storage
  • Works well without internet and doesn’t need a lot of authorization
2Flash APK for Android
Activate the flashlight on your Android mobile phone with 2Flash


  • You can’t download the app from Google Play Store
  • Downloading APK files from unauthorized sources may expose your device to viruses and malware
  • You may have to update the app by yourself as it wasn’t downloaded from Google Play Store

Tips when downloading and using 2Flash app

  • It’s not recommended to keep the flashlight turned on for too long. Because this might affect the flashlight feature on your device.
  • If your mobile device doesn’t come with a front flashlight, we suggest not using 2Flash. Instead, you can find an alternative app that works better for your phone. There are several other apps that have the same function as 2Flash, such as Flashlight, Color Flashlight, Flashlight Classic, Flashlight By Ruddy, Flashlight HD…
  • This app can work well with even outdated Android operating systems.

The Android-based 2Flash APK is the ultimate solution to all your troubles regarding smartphone flashlights. As long as you follow the instructions that we just provided above, downloading and installing 2Flash will be a simple task. Try the app yourself and let us know what you think about it! We hope you’ll have a wonderful time using 2Flash.

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