Top 10 best custom roms for HTC one M9


This custom ROM is not famous when compared to others for HTC 1 M9 gadget. But, the developers have had best success in making a new power menu which is so useful and must be enough reason for people to get the custom ROM. The power menu is also available with three modes like recovery mode, safe mode and bootloader mode. Moreover, power menu arrives with a reboot and the hot reboot choices.

The main features related with darksense are best aroma experience, android 5.0.2, new power menu, extended native quick settings, long press back to kill, sense 7.0, zoe camera, flashlight in power menu, stripped debugging in to from design work and Harman and kardon support.




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Candy six ROM:

The group behind the improvement of the custom ROM means to it like fun and friendly that offers you an indication on what to anticipate. The candy team is a famous player in the field getting effectively improved number of custom ROMs for large number of gadgets. These are excellent which you can install on the system without getting problems on facing stability troubles.

Candy six ROM features are custom lock screen wall paper see by and blur, omni switch, LCD density options, navbar customization, multi window, battery bar, lock screen shortcuts, status bar customization, system UI tuner, lock screen weather, darkUI switch, number of QS tiles, quick setting customization, time context headers in panel and force expand notifications.


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The custom ROM is oriented on android 6.0 and HTC sense eight WWE bases 3.35.40 1.12. The best thing regarding this ROM is it facilitates all ACC M9 variants that includes international, Verizon, sprint, t-mobile and AT and T. Many languages are even enabled by default. It is a pre rooted ROM which is available with busybox. Few of the advantages you must expect are enhance battery life and functions and improved memory administration. It disables logging and gets relives from bloatware which exists on a device. It also improves the fast settings tiles from twelve to fifteen.

This custom ROM arrives with a colorful and beautiful navigation bar. You can also anticipate improved call recording abilities because this custom ROM contain features that facilitate auto call recording and native call recording.Ensure the gadget is unlocked or contain S off. Download the ROM zip and copy it on the device’s virtual SD card. Switch off the gadget and boot in to recovery by getting power and volume down switch. Enter recovery and do a complete wipe. Choose install zip and look for the downloaded zip file. Confirm to place the zip and do with the guidelines that installer offers. Reboot the gadget after completing the installation process.




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Now you have seen different types of best custom ROMs HTC one M9 available in the market. Read the review about all the top ten HTC custom ROM. Choose the best one according to your needs and preferences. You will not be disappointed with the features of these custom ROMs for HTC one M9.Reading reviews about the products available in the market helps you to know more information and to consider whether it is suitable for your smartphone or not. We have given you the best custom ROM for your device. We think this will guide you to pick the best one for your HTC.

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