Top 10 best custom roms for HTC one M9


It was among the basic HTC one M9 ROMs to found in the market. This has stayed to its likes and set best standards for what perfect ROMs must appear like. It fixes number of problems users feel with the device and also includes some amazing features which lacked in the real gadget.What are the benefits of availing Maximus HD? This ROM is available with number of personalization choices and features that creates it preferable. Few of the features include multi user support, native display color control and new keyboard. Such as android revolution HD, this maximus support few technical adjustments to make sure hardware optimization. It highly enhances the device function by best RAM, CPU, GPU utilization and enhanced battery life. Moreover, it also has an important part in solving problems which early users of this camera faced.Simply such as android revolution, it is instrumental in progressing the real HTC one M9 version. But this ROM beats android revolution because it contains lot of personalization choices and optimization features. You can also depend on maximus HD to deal particular works also and beyond outlook.


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If you are finding for the effective custom ROM that will supply specially in terms of extending battery life, this custom ROM is the best bet. The truth that it is available with awesome graphics is sufficient reason for the people to assume this is good. Even though, there are some cases where best custom ROM have been made by third person developers however no graphical information has been added in the logo. The custom ROM has performed a best work with the logo sufficiently to lure you to offer the skydragon an opportunity.

What features are related with custom ROM? Total language support, better function, enabled SD card R/W, better battery, support music ringtone, build prop twisted, skydragon boot animation, system/w, support blacklisting calls, rooted with supersu, system twisted, less nagging, raised camera quality, busybox added, eliminated system startup sound, remove HTC apps, remove Google apps and complete aroma installer.


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crDroid shares the similar objectives like those of some custom ROMs. But, the difference is this custom ROM provides is good reliability when compared to the stock device you would see from Google developers. crDroid ROMs are cyanogemod based and it is also ideal option if you like cyanogemod based ROMs.

crDroiud features are: navbar on and off, slimdim, IME new settings, force extended notifications, non intrusive incoming call, volume panel timeout, disable quick settings, slim recents panel, wakelock blocker, network traffic meter, clear latest location, lock up recent panel, sound panel option on menu, lock screen shortcuts, kill app back button, ticker notifications, swipe behavior, power menu in navring targets, slimroms heads up and four tiles per row.Other offerings that arrive with custom ROM are slimpie controls , power menu toles, system apps remover, CAF task manager, battery saver improvements, hardcare keys on and off, touch outside behavior, vibrate on tiles touch, ambient display, notifications tiles, RAM bar in recent panel and an option to disable battery saver.




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