Top 10 best custom roms for HTC one M9


Another best ROM for your Smartphone arrives with number of features and personalization choices. The ROM arrived filled with six hundred fonts and OTA updates are also found.The ROM is rooted with the new superSU, battery functions are found, bloatware apps are eliminated and there are lot of mods to do the gadget perform efficiently. The ROM is available with extra feature such as Omniswitch and piecontrol.EragonM9 custom ROM is oriented on the stock android OS, hence the ROM is light weight with plenty of operation tweaks. You can also verify all the features and download it availing the link given.

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Eragon M9 Official Page

Android revolution HD:

It is regarded to be the top custom ROM for the android systems. There is no visual alteration however it creates the functions of the device very better. It is primarily an enhanced model of the stock ROM.The ROM is quick and stable and available with total HTC sense 7.0 interface. Software service has been eliminated, root access has been sanctioned, recent model of busybox is placed in the ROM and Ram optimizations and speed optimizations are performed to the ROM.This is one of the top custom ROMs for Smartphone because it is completely optimized and twisted, bloatware apps are cleared and provides you best battery life.


Android Revolution HD Official Page


Although there are several custom ROMs found on the market, this ROM seems to take the best area. It was just few months after the Smartphone HTC was introduced when cyanogenmod turn out to be the first ROMs to include support for the device. With the greater support were a many qualities which are liked of a famous player like cyanogenmod. Even if it possesses some capabilities than viperone, this has a great effect on the whole functions and the battery life. This custom ROM helps you to personalize the device’s different feature like the lock screen, home screen, notification menu, app drawer and navigation bar among other. It features some of the new features on the personalization menu that creates it probable to toggle choices like double tap for personalize brightness and to sleep.

The key objective of this custom ROM is to perfectly enhance the device’s interface utilizing the theme supported library which let you to completely alter the gadgets look. The capability of this ROM that let you to leave HTC like it is or fully alter it explains a level of independence which large number of users like.


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