Top 10 best custom roms for HTC one M9

HTC 1 M9 has been so famous smartphone since it was launched ad if you posses one and you need to place a custom ROM to alter the feel and appearance of the Smartphone, here are few of the effective custom ROMs for this Smartphone. It operates on android lollipop OS, however if you are operating the stock ROM, you will not be obtaining lot out of it. If you understand what an Android system can perform and how much level you can personalize it, you would need to place a custom ROM on HTC one M9.

There are number of custom ROMs for this Smartphone which you can download however you want to verify whether they possess the capacity or not prior installing on the system. The HTC one M9 possibly deserved to perform better in the market than it actually performed. HTC themselves launched lackluster sales from what appears such as a capable gadget. The structure is on point and the making quality is amazing. Most of the custom ROMs which arrive out for this device will be arriving out to update the firmware to latest models of android prior the OTAs arrive.

HTC one M9 called HIMA is the flagship device of 2015 from HTC. This phone is the successor to the flagship HTC one M8. It is available with five super LCD3 1920 x 1080 screen, 128 GB, 32GB inside storage. It is operated by a sixty four 2GHz octa core qualcomm snapdragon and three GB of RAM.The rear shooter of M9 contains a 20.7mp sensor, with two flashes and four thousand video at 30fps and the camera, contains a 4up sensor. It also contains a 2840m Ah battery. But, we have made collectively a list of the top custom ROMs for this Smartphone, hence that you do not want to annoy regarding anything. You can assess all of the features and determine which one you need to place on the HTC one M9 .Therefore, lets view the top HTC roms M9 .


If you like to choose the best ROM, I would suggest you to place Viperone M9 ROM on the device.The ROM is available with full facility of team venom and provides the excellent functions along with number of equipped features and app settings. You can personalize the installation, eliminate unnecessary applications and because it is the primary sense ROM to facilitate multiple users, you can also make about four users for the device.If you prefer to personalize the ROM, you will see many settings to do the gadget look the method you like. Therefore click on the link given below and visit to the official site to download the ROM.


ViperOneM9 Official Page


It is another amazing ROM for the device which has been designed to offer the excellent performance. The custom ROM is available wit sense seven themes engine.Since the theme is available with aroma installer, you can easily personalize the installation the method you prefer. The ROM is pre-rooted hence all the unnecessary application and the bloatware applications are not visible in the ROM saving you more time.The ROM is oriented on the stock ROM with progress, is rooted with recent superSU, arrives with Busybox placed and is featured for quick charging.



LeeDrOiD One M9 Official Page

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